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of color, rich dark mist steady stream of storm surge since its palm out, and finally the sound waves of screaming, a tough road soul and body is actually directly blew open, grabbing terror outbreak energy impact is on ‘life and life is actually the diffusion rate of the black aperture stop down, and by means of the TV drama of the soul blew reverse thrust,Coach Outlet Store, soul Li body shape is rapidly Jitui.
‘is indeed the soul of a master race.
see this guy actually really able to withstand the big day good luck palm,Coach Outlet, Xiao Yan eyes but also across the touch of dignified, palm suddenly empty again a shot!
‘bang’ ‘
along with Xiao Yan beat the drop, that is the soul blew blocked black iris, laugh is heard again is spread open and catch lightning fast if that stature Jitui soul Li, aperture, but also severely impact on their body.
‘Puchi’ ‘
accompanied by such a ferocious hit, soul writhed violently Li vivo blood, internal organs as if all had been an earthquake shifted position in general, is a bright red blood spray out, the body is like a kite in general ‘against inverted distance away.
‘Since the shot that put the life left behind.’ ‘聽On
air, Kaoru children also occur because of a scene between these electro-optical flint scared scared, but did not see what afterwards Xiao Yan, mind is relieved of Meimou glanced injured inverted Li soul,Coach Outlet Online, mind suddenly intended to kill Sheng, hand flick,Coach Factory Outlet, that whole body filled with golden flame spear,Coach Outlet Online, lightning ripped through the void, fiercely against the storm swept away the soul of severe head!
Kaoru children the hand, extremely Henla,Coach Outlet, at the moment when the soul is exhaustive of Li, plus living air, simply inevitable, and therefore could only watch as the golden spear head hard on the responsibility of their ruthless shoot.

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to meet such a strange thing.
‘I was deep jiu python family patriarch, demon eyes open,’ Xiao Yan faced interrogation, skeleton-like silhouette that road respite for a moment, finally began, his voice very hoarse, like sand Maguo glass in general, extremely harsh.
‘Help me,Coach Outlet Store, if you will rescue me from this place to go, you want what I have promised you’ close the eyes of the people that claim to be the demon,Coach Outlet Store Online, almost pleading eyes staring general Xiao Yan, said.
‘? jiu offerings python family patriarch’ Xiao Yan frowned, but did unmoved, faint: ‘As far as I know, now deep jiu python family patriarch, should be called a demon Xiao Tian guy,Coach Outlet, right? ‘
‘that chop suey’ That bastard dog Zhuo, is his use of deadly trap to capture my position, ‘and I will seal the end of their lives that jiu, ah! this beast, causing me to suffer for centuries chill boil force the body of the , have brought to light in this life if I need to close the eyes of their living death demon ‘Xiao Tian words ear demon,coach bags outlet sale, demon eyes instantly close the eyes blood red, endless resentment emerged from the eyes, crazy roar of their lives at the end of this ring endlessly.
Xiao Yan heard secretly raspberry, this guy actually was sealed in here hundreds of years,Coach Outlet, ‘such a fate,Coach Outlet Online, the idea is really quite sad, that jiu force chill their lives, like into the human body, like the sharp edge general , is so tingling, ordinary people can not endure, and in front of this guy, actually suffered such pain for hundreds of years, these words even heard of Xiao Yan, are inevitably shook his head.
‘You can talk about the origin of the demon with that whistled across the sky between it?’ Xiao Yan threw your hands up, said.
‘I am a demon Xiao Tian’s biological brother.’ That demon hesitated close the eyes, hoarse finally said:

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day fall in a body at the same time, that is, with the probability of the birth of eight color, even the color of the original nine stone, but, hundreds of colorful python swallowing day the flesh fall in the same place, almost impossible thing, so that ordinary people only knew almost colorful stone,Coach Outlet Store Online, but did not know on the 288, as well as the eight-color with nine color …… ‘
‘and colorful python swallowing day, the real peak, and it is not called this name, but called nine-color python swallowing day,Coach Factory Outlet, but, in this group python swallowing day,Coach Outlet, it seems only just that the blood of the most strong ancestral python swallowing day reached this realm, it is the memory of the blood flowing in python swallowing day tradition among ordinary people,Coach Outlet, even if you also did not know. ‘
color scales to hear these words, not only Xiao Yan, even old drugs, but also somewhat startled, apparently never heard such words indeed secret.
‘Only you know it is no wonder that’ Xiao Yan smile and shook his head, and soon had a good taro said: ‘? That While the original stone,Coach Outlet, whether it is eight or nine color-color’
nail color scales across the fingers, a drop of blood dripping on stone, I saw after that was the seventh track on the stone color pattern smooth surface, actually is slowly creeping out a color lines
‘want to be seen whether this is a few original stone color’ must use the blood of colorful python swallowing day before …… ‘
‘eight-color original stone ……’
seeing this, Xiao Yan is with some regret, if this is the color of the original stone,Coach Outlet Online, then nine, this time, the real color scales may earn big, of course, he also knew it was not enough greedy, eight color is very good , if the good use of it, for the strength of color scales is not a small improvement would have, after

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I did not expect a small medical cents a fight so hard to actually see this momentum, obviously intended to be five of them killed on the spot.
, P! ! ‘
breeze in the twinkling of an eye to three when it completed the rock scorpion is Leng Heng, stature shocked, appeared in five people directly behind crutches severely strokes, five poisonous stench Mans since then on crutches scorpion Head mouth spit out the storm, and then on the TV drama shot to five breeze.
laugh,Coach Outlet! Laugh!
aggressive severely impact energy in the void, broke out a road Chi Chi sound, while also a touch of smoke rising into the sky.
smoke, suddenly two deep gray Mans as lightning Pushe directly from scorpion rock beside completed through, finally catch up with the two previous mutiny elders,Coach Factory Outlet, is pierced directly from their backs rather out.
‘ah on!
suddenly hit hard, two shrill screams suddenly resounded through the clouds,Coach Handbags Outlet, and soon that the two elders who were hit robes suddenly burst Joe, the whole body of flesh quickly that road winds inherent in the toxic corrosion open, just less than a minute, is revealed dense bones out, and the two also in the eyes of those around aghast, to make life passed away.
centipede cliff side escaped unharmed three elders, looked at the two bones of the dead from the sky falling down, and swallowed,Cheap Coach Purses, his eyes a little frightened to emerge, if previously Na Liangdao winds hit them, and perhaps also the fate so.
‘woman,Coach Outlet Online.’ too hard. ‘
‘Hey, Haohen Nvwa Zi, young, means it is so sinister.’ scorpion Bi Yan gloomy face, small medical cents in front of him to kill the two men,Coach Outlet Store, so that was obviously very anger in his heart, the moment contains all speak gloomy sneer.
‘traitor to such a fate, and there is nothing strange place, if you are someone rebel Wan scorpion door

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price , but it is too big.
first came to the old devil magic, look extremely pernicious Xiao Yan looked at, and when their eyes sweep in that the two Huiyi old man, exposed to the air of the body suddenly Hao Hao, dark f6 gas Dayton the emergence of a touch hard to hide the horror: ‘? hundred thousand strong wood did not think you two old guys actually not dead -‘
hundred thousand old and old eyes looked a little mercy do not ghosts are not ghosts old devil magic, light laughs: ‘? That old devil you are still alive, how could we die.’
skinned old devil magic slight flick, & quot; the middle is increasingly gloomy up, today these two old guys come out, he’s going to be that was dashed to his strength, just to deal with two One person is quite reluctantly,Coach Factory Outlet, let alone the other two tools are now in, but there is a side of the Soviet Union and others eyeing thousand, it seems today, the situation is really bad the …
‘Broadway, thousands of old, you can not miss this old guy, all these years we have a lot of Canaan College students are being victimized by inflammation Magic Valley,Coach Outlet Online, today let him leave if the future is definitely a big concern!’ Su thousand eyes Senhan flashes, mood among the full intention to kill.
heard, thousands of eyes slightly narrowed two old, old face did not have too much emotion, just a touch of nodded,Coach Outlet Store, and they also know that a power struggle to reach seven were enemies,Coach Outlet Store, for Canaan College is how one kind of threat, cut grass should dig up the roots,Coach Outlet Store, with their two aging and fine temper it, naturally, but most clearly.
the two of them do not often appear, to this point,Coach Outlet, they need to keep fighting retreat to breakthrough levels were sometimes retreat is a long time, at this time, what’s the Canaan InstituteThey are also difficult to induction,

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and whispered: ‘First House back in it, and then two years with the things I say mind’
old drugs nodded ‘Under Xiao Yan’s arm stood up, then a pedestrian is the direction of the inner ear astral main pavilion where rapidly snatched.
stars fell Gezhu Court of a main hall, the old medicine,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, Xiao go far points to sit,Tiffany Outlet, quietly listening to the latter a small medical cents, et al., ‘these things happen two years,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, a piece of road come
‘What Styx League ……’
actually heard that from the days of Styx Union and other offerings were made jointly sectarian forces, Xiao Yan face passing touch is cold.
‘witch fall day offerings today in your hands, but there is a strong majority of Styx Union are buried here, they are a cause for concern in the future, but do not report any grudges’d seem we are too weak, so wait astral clean up the mess,Tiffany And Co Outlet, I will personally take them off,Tiffany Outlet Store, and the rest who joined Styx sectarian alliance, did not miss! ‘the old drugs also have Hanmang flashing eyes,’ This time, if not timely exit Xiao Yan, star Court meteorite probably would really ruin the Styx Union hands.
Xiao Yan nodded, fingers gently tapping the desktop, after a moment, slowly: ‘Styx Union is a small risk, but we are the stars fell Court forces still can not compete with the soul of the family, it seems We may also learn that the day they were deep, the formation of a coalition of the really big! ‘1419th chapter a list of these secret
Heard, medicine and old, who are Yizheng, immediately thoughtfully.
‘not to mention the soul of the family, the light that soul of the house, their strength, would be sufficient to make the stars fell Court looking up,Tiffany Outlet, we sing meteorite Court, and they are almost mutually exclusive, then, the real Rush surely not impossible . ‘Xiao Yan nodded,

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was just days to spare!’
‘It seems that you really some three thousand mine Disillusionment understand ah.’ ‘Fee-day with laughs,Tiffany Outlet Online Store.
‘kill him, he was playing for time, costs will certainly catch those days deity scroll up’ if the deity until starting to catch up,Tiffany & Co Outlet, it is really no escape! ‘Xiao Yan quickly said.
the sound just down the side of the Skyfire Venerable, Shua is heard, the storm washed out the majestic power of the soul out of the storm surge, the space is intense undulator shook up.
see Skyfire Venerable rushing, also sneer tender fee, on top of the body circulation Leiguang ‘huge lightning flashes above the palm of your hand, the stature of a move,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, but also crashing out, and finally with the former bitter collision with a huge energy blast and loud thunder, suddenly resounded through the sky over the mountains.
duo looked fiercely battle, Xiao Yan is quickly pulled away, his eyes firmly fixed on the inner ‘circle of war. Although Skyfire Venerable
day deity and fees comparable strength,Tiffany & Co Outlet, but spare, clearly not his opponent, so a brief confrontation dozen rounds, the fee is the best day to spare strive, but even so,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, Xiao Yan heart but it is more and more nervous, he knew to-day expenses, and perhaps that is able to catch up or how long those scrolls, to the time when chase them today, you want to be off, would be more difficult.
‘Mr. Yao,Tiffany & Co Outlet, faster, this avatar purposes only haunt us!’ Xiao Yan Chen Sheng shouted.
Heard, Skyfire Venerable light nodded, stature shocked, strange disappearance, immediately behind the spare space Shanlue day out directly from the fee, contains a surging power of the soul buildings, such as lightning severely Fee-day avatar printed on the back.
low muffled sounds, talent fee table optic rapid circulation of the body, immediately

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exploding and open,Tiffany Outlet Store!
(third more to!
double began, I did not expect to compete for the last time, is still to be so tragic, but in order that the final glory, the last four days, brothers and sisters,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, let us work together!
seeking monthly! ! ,Tiffany Outlet Online Store! )
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☆☆☆☆☆☆ text ☆☆☆☆☆☆
☆☆☆☆☆☆ net ☆☆☆☆☆☆ 1450th chapters [First World War broke more! ]
sky above,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, two burly as devil-like figure suddenly collide, like a loud sound like Jin,Tiffany & Co Outlet, carrying a terrible storm winds, suddenly self-swept open sky above, within a radius of Baizhang Those two sides are close strong,Tiffany Outlet, direct is fiercely Zhenfei that storm away, the body and blood churned.
fresh storm overflow, Xiao Yan of gold giant body is shocked, and took a step back after the pace, while the opposite of who the mysterious magic Han, also mounted the pedal back a few steps, each step down, there’s space is that will collapse the dark patches of empty.
‘Atta boy, really some skill!’
actually none of this hard touch to discuss the slightest advantage on that mysterious magic touch of surprise across the face is the meaning, looking somewhat dignified looked not far Xiao Yan, sneered.
Xiao Yan who look at this mysterious magic sweep of the sweep, but also slightly wrinkled brow, three Long Island’s strength is not really very weak, under the command of the owner of this and other surprising strength of the strong, the previous hard touch, if not by means of a Diamond glass body and that after many days of material to treasure ‘Dragon Phoenix had grown tyrannical and blood **, Xiao Yan is really impossible to gain the upper hand on the ** collisions.
‘Boy, you really are? newspaper name, I Void Gu family thing, most

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some very abnormal power generation,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, ‘ordinary people who are able to achieve? And even meet the requirements of the soul, that avatar of cohesion’ is quite difficult. Before
straight Xiao Yan – somewhat surprised – why its thunderous thousand relationship, so look, just Watchtower – white, original spare cohesion which must be at the highest level thunderous thousand thousand mines. Just a few Mou pour out eh. And even if successful
condensed out, which also has a spare minute,Tiffany And Co Outlet, ‘three levels of the emblem, Dengtang, Dacheng.
three levels, representing the avatar possess strength, nuanced level * avatar, at most, only a third of the strength of the body, Dengtang is approximately one-third,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, and the culmination of considerable strength is with the body …
‘Presumably that costs three thousand days of thunder Disillusionment,Tiffany & Co Outlet, should be Dengtang realm. Pakistan, otherwise,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, even if I have fallen heart inflammation to help, it’s unlikely that it would be so easy to defeat -0′ Xiao Yan whispered Nan Nan said.
‘But this is really three thousand mine Disillusionment has its attractions, so mysterious fighting skills, I really do not know what kind of surprise only change my life just to create out of the generation.’ Xiao Yan stood up,Tiffany Outlet, bright silver Mount on foot emerged, immediately look – a fierce condensate, body Pushe.
shot with his body, and a few blur suddenly appeared behind him, Xiao Yan footsteps meal, quickly turned around, but it is to see the blur, is gradually dissipated, did not have to practice law formula as above said the situation is so fat – Health –
‘hasty two cohesion, really difficult, & quot;’
slightly wrinkled brow, Xiao – yan sang murmured in practicing law formula described above tips: ‘The Royal Heart-shaped, soul remain in the shadow – on’

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‧✠䡥礬⁧潯搠獴畦昬楤⁧敮敲潵猠敮潵杨Ⱐ䤠汩步⁹潵⸠✧⁄楲瑹汤慮⁳浩汥搠慮搠獡楤Ⱐ業浯牴慬楴礠楳⁤楲散瑬礠楮瑯⁴桥⁲楮朠楳⁳慴楳晩敤Ⱐ瑨敮⁳潭攠晩敲礠敹敳⁳瑩汬潯步搠塩慯⁙慮⸍੘楡漠奡渠獭楬敤Ⱐ扵琠慬獯⁦牯洠瑨攠獴慧攠睩汬⁢攠瑨慴⁩湳瑡汬敤慤攠扯睬⁦畬氠潦⁳湯眠扯湥⁙畨攠瑡步癥爠瑨攠卥湡瑥Ⱐ獴畦晥搠楮獩摥映瑨攠物湧⁩猠獡瑩獦楥搬⁴桥渠瑨攠摩牴礠潬搠浡渠瑨慴⁳瑩汬⁦楥特⁥祥猠楦潴⁳敥Ⱐ楳⁴桡琠䤠睡湴⁴漠瑵牮敦琠⸠❈敹Ⱐ整挠⸮⸧⁴漠獥攠塩慯⁙慮⁴漠杯Ⱐ湯琠瑯敮瑩潮⁴桡琠獯浥⁳畲癩癯牳⁷敲攠畮慢汥⁴漠杯⁴桩猠煵楣歬礠捲楥搮‧䡯眿✠塩慯⁙慮⁴楬瑥搠桩猠桥慤Ⱐ浥琠獯浥⁳汯癥湬礠潬搠浡渠汯潫敤⁰畺穬敤⸠❈敹Ⱐ歩搬⁹潵⁤漠湯琠睡湴⁴桩猠灩散攠潦⁣桲潭政⁉⁤慲攠獷敡爠瑯⁹潵Ⱐ瑨楳⁴桩湧⁩猠慢獯汵瑥汹⁡湣楥湴⁴桩湧‮⸮✠摩牴礠潬搠浡測⁰潩湴楮朠瑯⁴桥⁳瑡来⁣潰灥爠橡摥Ⱐ癥特⁷慲洠副慤⸍੘楡漠奡渠汯潫敤⁡琠瑨攠煵楥瑬礠汹楮朠橡摥⁣潰灥爠瑡扬攬⁳桯潫⁨楳⁨敡搬⁡湤⁳潭攠牥杲整㨠❉⁣慮潴⁡晦潲搠瑯⁣桡湧攬⁳敶敮⁳敮楯爠灲敳捲楰瑩潮⁰牯摵捴Ⱐ湯扯摹⁷楬氠扥⁷楬汩湧⁴漠捯浥⁵瀠⸮⸧ഊ獬潶敮汹⁳畲癩癯牳⁷桯⁲畢⁴桥⁨慮摳⁴潧整桥爬⁨敨攠獭楬敳㨠✿⁗敬氬⁉⁴慫攠愠獴数⁢慣欬潴⁡摶慮捥搠獥癥渠楴敭猬⁡猠汯湧⁡猠祯甠慲攠畳楮朠灬慩渠偩汬⁰牥獣物灴楯測⁉⁰畴⁩琠瑯⁹潵Ⱐ桯眠瑯✍੗敮⁙慮Ⱐ塩慯⁙慮⁙椠婨敮本⁴桥⁳畲晡捥⁡楴瑬攠桥獩瑡瑩潮Ⱐ卵獡渠䑡渠灲敳捲楰瑩潮Ⱐ瑨潵杨潴⁡猠慤癡湣敤⁰牥獣物灴楯渠灲散楯畳⁳敶敮⁩瑥浳Ⱐ扵琠楴⁩猠慬獯⁶慬畡扬攠景爠捨慮杩湧⁴桩猠獴敥氬爠愠汩瑴汥⁨楧桥爠瑨慮⁨楳⁢潴瑯洠汩湥⸍ਧ塩慯⁙慮Ⱐ捨慮来⁩琬⁹潵⁳桯畬搠湯琠汯獥Ⱐ瑨楳⁴桩湧⁩猠牥慬汹⁡湣楥湴⁴桩湧猬⁢畴⁴桩猠杵礠摯敳潴湯眠桯眠瑯灥渠楴‭✠❘楡漠奡渠桥獩瑡瑥搠楮⁢整睥敮Ⱐ卫祦楲攠噥湥牡扬攠睨楳灥牥搠慣潵獴楣‬⁢畴⁡汳漠獯畮摥搠楮⁨楳⁥慲献ഊ桥慲⁓歹晩牥⁖敮敲慢汥⁡捯畳瑩挬⁘楡漠奡渠桡搠橵獴潤摥搠楮楮搠ⴠ捯浰慲敤⁓歹晩牥⁖敮敲慢汥⁩湳楧桴⁣敲瑡楮汹⁦慲⁦牯洠瑨敭⁣潭灡牡扬攬⁳楮捥⁨攠獡楤⁳漬⁳畲敬礠,Tiffany Outlet