They do all that? The JAX Chamber Foundation steps out


BroadBased partnered with the JAX Chamber Foundation to plan, design and develop a new website for the organization. The website launched in May.

A common dilemma of foundations affiliated with larger organizations is whether to rely on the larger group’s website to tell their story or to create a stand-alone Web presence. The answer is often determined by the foundation’s involvement in program delivery, as opposed to focusing primarily on fundraising.

For JAX Chamber Foundation President Sandy Bartow, the choice was clear. Bartow identified a need to raise awareness of the Foundation’s dynamic, wide-ranging initiatives by creating a separate website that reflects the breadth and depth of its mission.

Founded in 1978 and serving all of Northeast Florida, the Foundation funds community leadership, workforce development and entrepreneurial education programs in support of long-term regional prosperity. Its initiatives include the Jacksonville Women’s Business Center and its programs, such as Marketing Matters and Financial Matter$ for women business owners; the Small Business Center’s micro enterprise certification program, including Achieve Your Business Dream workshops; the Earn Up workforce development program to increase the region’s college attainment; Global Cities Initiative to boost exporting; JAX Bridges; Leadership Matters; and more.

Bartow’s vision was to create a website that not only raised awareness of this diversity of high-impact programs, but also comprehensively presented participation, volunteer and partnership opportunities.


Sandy Bartow President, JAX Chamber Foundation Vice President, Entrepreneurial Growth, JAX Chamber

To turn the vision into reality, the Foundation chose BroadBased.

“Working with Jan and her team was a great experience,” said Bartow, who is also vice president of Entrepreneurial Growth for the JAX Chamber. “Their insights on the creation of our website, driven by hard questions and thoughtful consideration of sharing our story, was engaging and resulted in a site we are thrilled to launch.”

Please visit to learn about the Foundation’s mission, programs, volunteer opportunities and long list of corporate and individual supporters.

Family ties: CSI Healthcare IT strengthens Web presence

Image of

BroadBased launched a new responsive website for in May.

Speaking of diversity, CSI Healthcare IT, a division of The CSI Companies and Recruit Co. LTD — the fifth largest staffing company in the world — also recently turned to BroadBased to update the look, content and functionality of its website. This site marks the third website BroadBased has created in partnership with the company. Additional websites developed for the organization’s portfolio of brands include and

CSI Healthcare IT deploys experienced information technology professionals across the country to help organizations create, enable and maintain patient and health information systems. The project team wanted to reinforce the company’s biggest assets, including their expert talent, proven processes and nationwide coverage. These goals were accomplished by focusing content in each of those areas and adding a new suite of case studies and video testimonials.

Similar to the JAX Chamber and JAX Chamber Foundation relationship, The CSI Companies’ Web presence illustrates an effective approach to creating multiple sites around a strong central brand.

Content Marketing: You’re reading some right now

Content Marketing

One of the most cost-effective ways to generate new leads, up-sell into your existing customer base, and retain current clients is through smart and creative content marketing. We’ve been producing the BroadCast since 2005! (Search our archives on our blog.)

Crafting and distributing interesting, valuable and dynamic media and content on a regular basis allows you to showcase everything that sets your company apart, including:

  • Unique value propositions
  • Competitive differentiators
  • Personalization of key personnel

One of the main reasons for this is because today’s Internet users are being exposed to more electronic media and information than ever. It’s turned quality content into a premium commodity, and leading companies are capitalizing on this trend in very creative ways.


Chris Ramaglia, BroadBased’s Executive Vice President, oversees digital strategy and online projects for the firm.

“Our clients want what they’ve always wanted, more leads and more business. What’s changed is what we do to help them achieve that,” said Chris Ramaglia, BroadBased EVP.

“We’re helping them find the best possible way to deliver their key messages to their audience the way they want to hear it… with fun, engaging content.”

These days, boring content gets ignored, and businesses are turning to more innovative means to deliver their messages. Instead of launching a new product or service with a new page on your website, why not present it with a video that can be shared on social media? It’s working well for Apple.

Rather than a standard online brochure to highlight product features, how about an infographic that makes them the star of the show with eye-popping visuals in an easy-to-understand format? It’s helped Ford outsell the competition for decades.

And it’s not just for global tech giants and century-old automotive empires. All businesses can take advantage of content marketing because it’s rooted in what makes any marketing technique effective: results.

As the amount of research that potential customers perform before hiring a company continues to grow, so will the need for content marketing. According to a recent study by The Aquity Group, over 90% of all business-to-business buyers research purchase decisions online. In many cases, the first experience a potential customer will have with your organization begins online with some form of your content. Are you confident it’s enough for them to make contact?

If not, it’s time to work with BroadBased on a comprehensive content marketing strategy that fits your budget and grows your bottom line. Give Chris Ramaglia a call at 904-398-7279 X17 to get started.

Introducing Chris Ramaglia, Executive Vice President

Chris Ramaglia, BroadBased Executive Vice President

Chris Ramaglia, BroadBased Executive Vice President

Chris Ramaglia joined BroadBased Communications on April 1 in the role of executive vice president. Chris brings to the firm 15 years of experience in business development and digital project management. As EVP (a position we created just for him, so you know he’s gotta be good), Chris will develop and oversee integrated digital strategies for BroadBased clients.

Jan Hirabayashi, CEO, says, “As I contemplated my vision for BroadBased over the next 10 years, it became clear that we needed a highly experienced and technologically savvy individual on the team. Chris’ past experience and his expert grasp of digital strategies in a fast-paced and ever-changing industry is impressive. It was obvious to me that he was the person I was looking for.”

Please join us in welcoming Chris to the BroadBased team.


Google to Companies: No Mobile Site, No Top Rankings

Smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming the new standard for Web browsing. We’ve gone from hoping that a website will display well on our mobile devices to expecting it. And, now, so does Google.

The search engine giant has updated its algorithm to detect whether websites are

If your website meets Google’s new mobile standards, search results performed on your mobile device will label your website Mobile-friendly.

If your website meets Google’s new mobile standards, search results performed on your mobile device will label your website Mobile-friendly.

mobile-friendly and penalize those that aren’t. Sites that don’t meet Google’s new standards will be moved down in its search rankings.

How do you know where you stand? Google has released a tool to determine within a few seconds whether your site meets its mobile compatibility requirements. Simply enter your website address into the search bar on this page and click “analyze”: Google Mobile-friendly Tool

If the analysis determines your site is “Not mobile-friendly,” talk with the BroadBased team before you lose any more valuable traffic. Even if you get a congratulatory “Awesome!” there are other important factors to consider when evaluating the effectiveness of websites in the mobile world. BroadBased has experts in all forms of mobile advertising who can customize the perfect strategy for your specific goals and budget.

Potential customers who Google your products and services click first on companies that appear highest on the search list — and they stick around on sites that are quick to load and easy to navigate. So even if they find you in the Google results, they’re not likely to become customers if they have trouble using your site.

“When it comes to mobile we take the same approach as we do to traditional digital advertising; it’s all about results,” said Chris Ramaglia, BroadBased EVP. “From determining who we want to target and what devices they’re likely to be using, all the way through analytics and tracking. Our strategies are absolutely unique based on what will get our partners the most out of our campaigns.”

One of the key components to marketing success on today’s mobile Web is speed. When people are searching online from a smartphone or tablet they typically have even less patience for delays than on a laptop or desktop computer. Bottom line: even if your website ranks well on Google, if it takes too long to load on a mobile device your customers won’t wait.

Whether your website passed the mobile-friendly test with flying colors or it failed to make the cut, BroadBased is here to help. To find out more about how we can help you reach all your mobile customers on all their different devices, give Chris Ramaglia a call at (904) 398-7279 X17.



The Top Ten 2015 Marketer Metrics and Investments

Top 5 Areas for Increased Marketing Investment
• Social Media Advertising
• Social Media Marketing
• Social Media Engagement
• Location-based Mobile Tracking
• Mobile Applications

Top 5 Marketing Metrics for Success
• Revenue Growth
• Customer Satisfaction
• Return on Investment
• Customer Retention Rate
• Customer Acquisition

As reported by SalesForce.



Joy to Our World

Joy_15Anniversary2(1)Joy Jarrell walked into BroadBased 15 years ago on April 24 as a part-time bookkeeper and proceeded to become a full-time friend and colleague. Today, as agency manager, Joy is a vital member of our team. Not only are we unable to imagine how we would get by without her, we wouldn’t want to! Please join us in congratulating Joy on her 15th anniversary with BroadBased.

Well Said


“If you have more money than brains, you should focus on outbound marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on inbound marketing.” — Guy Kawasaki