Google to Companies: No Mobile Site, No Top Rankings

Smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming the new standard for Web browsing. We’ve gone from hoping that a website will display well on our mobile devices to expecting it. And, now, so does Google.

The search engine giant has updated its algorithm to detect whether websites are

If your website meets Google’s new mobile standards, search results performed on your mobile device will label your website Mobile-friendly.

If your website meets Google’s new mobile standards, search results performed on your mobile device will label your website Mobile-friendly.

mobile-friendly and penalize those that aren’t. Sites that don’t meet Google’s new standards will be moved down in its search rankings.

How do you know where you stand? Google has released a tool to determine within a few seconds whether your site meets its mobile compatibility requirements. Simply enter your website address into the search bar on this page and click “analyze”: Google Mobile-friendly Tool

If the analysis determines your site is “Not mobile-friendly,” talk with the BroadBased team before you lose any more valuable traffic. Even if you get a congratulatory “Awesome!” there are other important factors to consider when evaluating the effectiveness of websites in the mobile world. BroadBased has experts in all forms of mobile advertising who can customize the perfect strategy for your specific goals and budget.

Potential customers who Google your products and services click first on companies that appear highest on the search list — and they stick around on sites that are quick to load and easy to navigate. So even if they find you in the Google results, they’re not likely to become customers if they have trouble using your site.

“When it comes to mobile we take the same approach as we do to traditional digital advertising; it’s all about results,” said Chris Ramaglia, BroadBased EVP. “From determining who we want to target and what devices they’re likely to be using, all the way through analytics and tracking. Our strategies are absolutely unique based on what will get our partners the most out of our campaigns.”

One of the key components to marketing success on today’s mobile Web is speed. When people are searching online from a smartphone or tablet they typically have even less patience for delays than on a laptop or desktop computer. Bottom line: even if your website ranks well on Google, if it takes too long to load on a mobile device your customers won’t wait.

Whether your website passed the mobile-friendly test with flying colors or it failed to make the cut, BroadBased is here to help. To find out more about how we can help you reach all your mobile customers on all their different devices, give Chris Ramaglia a call at (904) 398-7279 X17.



The Top Ten 2015 Marketer Metrics and Investments

Top 5 Areas for Increased Marketing Investment
• Social Media Advertising
• Social Media Marketing
• Social Media Engagement
• Location-based Mobile Tracking
• Mobile Applications

Top 5 Marketing Metrics for Success
• Revenue Growth
• Customer Satisfaction
• Return on Investment
• Customer Retention Rate
• Customer Acquisition

As reported by SalesForce.



Joy to Our World

Joy_15Anniversary2(1)Joy Jarrell walked into BroadBased 15 years ago on April 24 as a part-time bookkeeper and proceeded to become a full-time friend and colleague. Today, as agency manager, Joy is a vital member of our team. Not only are we unable to imagine how we would get by without her, we wouldn’t want to! Please join us in congratulating Joy on her 15th anniversary with BroadBased.

Well Said


“If you have more money than brains, you should focus on outbound marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on inbound marketing.” — Guy Kawasaki

Integrated Campaign for Ed Fraser Memorial Hospital

EdFraserEd Fraser Memorial Hospital in Macclenny, Fla., engaged BroadBased to create a 12-month integrated marketing plan that includes elements of broadcast television, radio, outdoor, online advertising, and a new social media presence. We teamed with CROP Creative Media in Jacksonville to produce a series of successful television and radio spots for the hospital, which is owned and operated by Baker County Medical Services (BCMS). But the element of the campaign that most surprised the client with its effectiveness was the social media component.

“BroadBased has done a great job overseeing the design and execution of our 2014-2015 marketing campaign,” said Dennis Markos, CEO of Baker County Medical Services. “It was their emphasis on a social media component that really set them apart during our interviews. They were adamant that we would experience significant lift by participating in the social realm, and they were right.”

Taking aim at ‘retargeting’


The BroadBased team invests significant time keeping up with the latest trends in marketing. We might not recommend every new technique or technology immediately, but we’re constantly alert for the moment when they can add value for one or more of our clients. A few tactics that come to mind include social media, e-blasts, apps and automated marketing (drip campaigns). We’re judicious in our approach, because not every trend pans out. Does anyone remember the rise and fall of QR codes? If you blinked you missed them.

The current topic grabbing the attention of our clients — and making our hearts beat faster, too — is retargeting, also known as remarketing. In a nutshell, retargeting is continuing to serve your ads to people who have either already clicked one of your online ads or visited one of your Web pages. We’re sure you’ve experienced this first-hand the last time you researched a retail item and subsequently noticed the object of your desire following you around online for days. Loosely, the theory behind retargeting is that if a person was interested enough to visit your page, you can probably get them to visit again via advertising and, perhaps, convert them into a customer.

We think this idea has real merit, so if you’re interested in testing the retargeting waters, BroadBased is ready to help! Whether you’re interested in textual PPC ads, Gets Responsive

Broadbased Responsive Web SiteLike any customer-focused business, Broadbased puts its clients first. And doing so often means we have to find bits and pieces of time to work on our own projects – like updating our circa-2008-html website into a current-era responsive website. But the transition is finally complete, and already we are reaping the benefits of updated technology and content – just like we tell our clients they will, and do.

As we’ve reported here before, responsive Web design (RWD) is an approach that re-sizes your website for optimal viewing on any device. Generally, the smaller the device the more streamlined the graphics, copy and menu.

To discuss solutions for transitioning your website to a responsive platform, give Jan Hirabayashi a call at (904) 398-7279 X19. All the cool kids are doing it.