Google Hummingbird – How the Change Affects You

google_hummingbird-580x334Google recently changed its search algorithm to a version called Hummingbird (a name that’s intended to symbolize precision and speed). If you’re the type of person who monitors your SERPs (search engine results pages) closely, you may have seen some changes in your ranking. Websites that are heavy on content should have fared the best.

Should you be greatly concerned? Probably not. A comprehensive FAQ on Search Engine Land explains Hummingbird in greater detail, but here are a few of the high points:

– “Conversational search” is one of the biggest examples Google cited as the type of new search activity that Hummingbird helps. (Example: “Who’s the most-helpful marketing design company in Jacksonville?”)

– Google says there’s nothing new or different that search engine optimizers or publishers need to do in response to Hummingbird. The importance of high-quality content remains the same.

– The change was made in August but was announced in late September.

– If you think you lost traffic, Google says that could be due to some other part of its algorithm that it is constantly tweaking. There’s no way to know.

Such is the fun of Google and SEO — part art, part science. They don’t reveal all the rules (and they’re constantly changing them anyway) but honest SEO practitioners are trained in proven tactics that deliver solid SERPs. To view a small selection of tactics that can help or hurt your search engine results, view Search Engine Land’s Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors.

Marketing Automation Breaks Out

The value of marketing automation technology is exploding. Once reserved for email marketing campaigns, the software is now being used to generate leads, track campaigns (social, Adwords, email, newsletter), and create intelligent email workflows based on user interest and behavior. A June survey of B2B marketers by showed how much the use of marketing automation has grown:

36.7% use to generate leads

36.1% use to nurture leads

28.2% use to create content to feed automated campaigns

26.0% use to engage with customers

15.1% use sporadically for marketing automation campaigns

That’s all great info, but here’s the data point that really caught our attention: Nearly 40% of marketers still don’t use marketing automation. That means there’s a huge opportunity out there for companies to use the technology to improve results in their marketing campaigns and gain a competitive edge over late adopters. BroadBased can help you do just that. We’re investing in a new system that will allow us to work strategically with you in your digital space.

Websites are considered “ground zero” for engagement. All marketing efforts – digital and otherwise – point to the website. Attaching automated marketing software to your website captures prospects, tracks individual visitor activities, automates the sales/marketing workflow, and even assigns identities to visitors so you know exactly who is interested in your product or service – including competitors.

As the survey results show, there’s still time to get ahead of the marketing automation curve, so give us a call and we’ll show you what it’s all about.

CSI Professional Site Completes CSI Web Presence

Three companies. Three niches. One culture. One brand. That was the challenge facing The CSI Companies, a Jacksonville-based people solutions provider, when it set out to revamp its Web presence. We reported in May how BroadBased provided a solution for the corporate-level website — — and now CSI has added the final piece.

CSI ProfessionalThe company has launched a new site for CSI Professional, one of its three companies, that tightly aligns with the brand design and messaging of the parent site. “Each of the CSI companies serves a different market niche in the staffing industry, and each has a slightly different personality,” explains Jan Korb Hirabayashi, BroadBased CEO. “Our objective with the CSI Professional website was to reflect that personality while maintaining consistency in the overarching CSI brand identity.”

CSI Professional provides recruiting and talent solutions — including executive searches, temporary staffing, experienced consultants, skilled clerical support, and more — across a wide range of industries. The other CSI divisions are CSI Tech, which provides people solutions for the technology sector, and CSI Healthcare IT, which provides people and technology expertise to the healthcare industry.

The LBA Group wins BizTech Award for Web Results

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 11.04.06 AMThe LBA Group, North Florida’s largest locally owned CPA firm and a BroadBased client, recently brought home a BizTech Award from the Jacksonville Business Journal for “Best Use of Website to Generate Business Leads.” BroadBased designed the site,, which launched in 2012.

“Since the redesigned site went live, more than $100,000 of new business can be attributed to leads generated by it,” says Jamie Thomas, director of marketing and communications. “Site views have increased by 15% and page views by 20%,” says Thomas. “We attribute this increase in part to a strong SEO strategy. Prospects are easily finding us.”

Visit The LBA Group website at or by clicking on the image.

What’s News at BroadBased

DAP_horizontalPappas Promoted > Despina (Desi) Pappas has been promoted from marketing and PR coordinator to digital marketing account strategist. “Desi’s role in the agency has evolved over the last two years,” said Jan Korb Hirabayashi, BroadBased’s CEO. “This new title more sharply reflects her emphasis on managing our clients’ digital assets from concept through execution in a very important and growing area of our industry.”


Korb2013Korb Hirabayashi Appointment > BroadBased CEO Jan Korb Hirabayashi has been appointed to the advisory board for the Jacksonville Women’s Business Center (JWBC). JWBC, a department of the JAXChamber Foundation, advances the success of women entrepreneurs at every stage of business development. Services and programs are designed to provide business owners with education, information on how to access capital, resources and networks to help them become successful. JWBC serves clients in Baker, Clay, Duval, Nassau, Putnam and St. Johns counties.

Can Google AdWords Work for You?

Desi_Google_AdsAlthough online advertising covers a broad territory, Google AdWords is one of the hottest vehicles for getting online customers onto your website. AdWords is the way you get listed at the top and along side of Google search results. It’s pay-per-click advertising, meaning you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

“It sounds simple enough,” says Despina Pappas, who oversees BroadBased client AdWords campaigns, “but an AdWords campaign needs to be managed carefully to ensure that it’s cost effective.” By following Desi’s top five AdWords best practices, you can greatly increase the effectiveness of your campaign:

First and foremost, determine the top keywords for your ad by using the Google keyword tool. The tool can show you the average monthly searches as well as the competition for each keyword.

Second, determine what your daily and monthly budgets are for your campaign.

Third, try out different extensions, such as call and location extensions. This is an easy way for a user to get in immediate contact with you.

Fourth, feature keywords in your headline to make it clear to users that you have what they are searching for.

Fifth and finally, don’t be afraid to test out new ad copy or landing pages. If you aren’t seeing the progress you want with your current ad, tweak it!

Striking PR Gold with JAX2025

2025-website Doing excellent work and helping the community are two of life’s most-rewarding accomplishments. So it was an especially proud moment for BroadBased Communications when we received top honors at this year’s Golden Image Awards, the Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA) organization’s annual statewide awards program, for our work on the JAX2025 initiative.

JAX2025 is a community-owned and -driven initiative funded entirely by private donations. Facilitated by the Jacksonville Community Council Inc., the initiative is helping Jacksonville to become the great city it can be by creating a shared vision; by finding solutions and making them real; and by identifying leaders for the future.

jax2025-sound-of-the-cityA collaborative team that included BroadBased, Coppola Public Relations and TLK Communications won two awards for communications that launched the JAX2025 campaign in 2012. The launch event news release won FPRA’s top award, the Golden Image, in the printed tools of public relations division, press release category. Maria Coppola, of Coppola PR was recognized as the creator of the release.

BroadBased won an Award of Distinction in the audio/visual/online tools of public relations division, promotional/marketing video category, for the JAX2025 “Sound of the City” video. The video features an original spoken word piece by local poet Al Letson and was produced by Patrick Barry of Blue Llama Studios. TLK Communications also collaborated on the project.

Want to see the video? Click on the image above or go to the JAX2025 website and scroll down. And by the way, we also worked on the JAX2025 site design as well as the group’s branding, marketing, messaging and more.

Uptick in Click

ppc-keywordsThings keep clicking along in the world of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Here at BroadBased, we’ve seen a large shift in client budgets to online opportunities, including PPC — and we’re not alone.

The 2013 State of Paid Search report recently released by Hanapin Marketing reveals that 70 percent of PPC marketers increased PPC spend this year and nearly three-quarters plan to increase it again in 2014. See this article on Search Engine Land for more about the Hanapin report.

Whether you’re new to online advertising or are ready to tap its potential for the first time, BroadBased can help you understand your options, choose the right solution — from Google AdWords, Facebook ads, and banner and display solutions — and manage your campaign.