Integrated Campaign for Ed Fraser Memorial Hospital

EdFraserEd Fraser Memorial Hospital in Macclenny, Fla., engaged BroadBased to create a 12-month integrated marketing plan that includes elements of broadcast television, radio, outdoor, online advertising, and a new social media presence. We teamed with CROP Creative Media in Jacksonville to produce a series of successful television and radio spots for the hospital, which is owned and operated by Baker County Medical Services (BCMS). But the element of the campaign that most surprised the client with its effectiveness was the social media component.

“BroadBased has done a great job overseeing the design and execution of our 2014-2015 marketing campaign,” said Dennis Markos, CEO of Baker County Medical Services. “It was their emphasis on a social media component that really set them apart during our interviews. They were adamant that we would experience significant lift by participating in the social realm, and they were right.”

Taking aim at ‘retargeting’


The BroadBased team invests significant time keeping up with the latest trends in marketing. We might not recommend every new technique or technology immediately, but we’re constantly alert for the moment when they can add value for one or more of our clients. A few tactics that come to mind include social media, e-blasts, apps and automated marketing (drip campaigns). We’re judicious in our approach, because not every trend pans out. Does anyone remember the rise and fall of QR codes? If you blinked you missed them.

The current topic grabbing the attention of our clients — and making our hearts beat faster, too — is retargeting, also known as remarketing. In a nutshell, retargeting is continuing to serve your ads to people who have either already clicked one of your online ads or visited one of your Web pages. We’re sure you’ve experienced this first-hand the last time you researched a retail item and subsequently noticed the object of your desire following you around online for days. Loosely, the theory behind retargeting is that if a person was interested enough to visit your page, you can probably get them to visit again via advertising and, perhaps, convert them into a customer.

We think this idea has real merit, so if you’re interested in testing the retargeting waters, BroadBased is ready to help! Whether you’re interested in textual PPC ads, Gets Responsive

Broadbased Responsive Web SiteLike any customer-focused business, Broadbased puts its clients first. And doing so often means we have to find bits and pieces of time to work on our own projects – like updating our circa-2008-html website into a current-era responsive website. But the transition is finally complete, and already we are reaping the benefits of updated technology and content – just like we tell our clients they will, and do.

As we’ve reported here before, responsive Web design (RWD) is an approach that re-sizes your website for optimal viewing on any device. Generally, the smaller the device the more streamlined the graphics, copy and menu.

To discuss solutions for transitioning your website to a responsive platform, give Jan Hirabayashi a call at (904) 398-7279 X19. All the cool kids are doing it.

Jacksonville University Turns 80 — On Beautiful Paper

jacksonville-university-paperWhen Jacksonville University asked us recently to create a keepsake anniversary brochure, we were excited to take on the project — for more reasons than one.

In this era when printed projects are often disregarded in favor of digital solutions, we continue to believe that printed pieces are still a highly effective solution to achieve certain objectives.

The Jacksonville University project gave us an opportunity to prove that point, and at the same time to demonstrate how we could push the limits of paper, ink and our imagination while staying within budget.

The result: a 28-page book that features a specialty “matchbook” style embossed and foil-stamped cover, three paper changes, five inks and two varnishes. It’s a piece befitting the significance of the milestone and the appreciation the university has for its supporters and graduates.

“We knew we wanted a very special keepsake to commemorate our 80th year,” said Brooks Terry, Senior Director of Integrated Marketing and Communications at Jacksonville University. “We selected BroadBased as a design partner because of their experience in creating specialty pieces like this. They did not disappoint. ”

Tickled by the Bounce

According to KISSmetrics, an average website has a bounce rate of about 40.5%.

We recently heard a CEO ask the company tech guy: “What in the heck is a bounce rate?” This question brings a smile to our face and a tear to our eye, because it shows that the C-suite is looking at website analytics. Really looking.

Bounce rate is a reporting metric used in Web analytics to track the number of single-page visitors to a website. These are the visitors who reach your site directly or through an ad, social media post or other referrer, but then leave without clicking deeper into the site. Either they found what they needed on that first page — or not — and decided to move on without exploring further.

According to this KISSmetrics infographic, an average website has a bounce rate of about 40.5% with self service or FAQ sites scoring the lowest and simple landing pages scoring the highest.

So why should you or your CEO care? Because bounce rate can be a good indicator of how your website and individual pages within the site are performing. A high bounce rate might, for example, be telling you that your landing page content needs work to be more relevant to visitors or to entice them to learn more.

Understanding the mechanics of bounce can also be useful. Visitors bounce off of a site in several ways, including:

  • Clicking on a link that takes them to a different website;
  • Leaving the page by typing in a new Web address;
  • Closing an open window or tab, either mistakenly or on purpose; or
  • Backing out to where they came from by hitting the back button.

The way visitors leave your site is relevant because it might help you design a more effective site. For example, before sending visitors down another rabbit hole via embedded links, make sure that any page on another site opens in a new window.

The fact that bounce seems to be getting more attention in the C-suite is a sign that people beyond marketers and Web designers have a growing appreciation of an effective Web presence. And that’s the kind of bounce we like to see.

First Impressions: The Branding of Rayonier Advanced Materials

Creating a corporate identity is always a big deal, but perhaps never more so than when a company is introducing itself for the first time. As Will Rogers said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

To make its first impression, Jacksonville-based Rayonier Advanced Materials turned to BroadBased Communications to lead its branding effort. Rayonier (NYSE: RYN) announced in January 2014 that it would create the new business by separating its Performance Fibers division from its Forest Resources and Real Estate businesses.

The project began with the development and approval of a comprehensive creative brief and was followed by an initial round of logo solutions presented in black and white. Color strategy was then pursued for the winning logo selection and brand standards developed. The final brand is currently being applied to corporate papers, sales and marketing materials and signage.

A Fresh Look for Gainesville’s Digestive Disease Associates

When you work in marketing, you gain knowledge about a wide variety of industries. Case in point: developing a new website for Gainesville-based Digestive Disease Associates. The project resulted in a brush-up on physiology for the entire BroadBased staff. From designing to proofing this 100-page website, we all got a chance to satisfy our appetite for anatomy. (Sorry, but we couldn’t resist.)

While at first glance the topic may not seem to lend itself to creativity, the resulting website features custom illustrations by Russ Wilson and an interactive graphic that educates users on conditions for a variety of internal organs. The friendly, inviting presentation of the site helps put visitors at ease as they learn more about a serious subject.

Kudos to DDA for embracing the idea that important topics can be presented with creativity.

Moms Agree: 24/7 Pediatric Care Centers are Great!

Sometimes the best creative ideas come from the most-obvious source — your customers! When brainstorming for a new direct mail campaign for 24/7 Pediatric Care Centers, BroadBased took to the practice’s Facebook page to query moms on just what it is that they love about 24/7 Pediatric.

With locations in Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach, 24/7 Pediatric is the only practice of it kind in the nation, offering 24-hour care for registered patients.

What we heard sparked the idea for a fun campaign featuring real moms. “I can get a real person on the phone when my child is sick 24/7,” said Hope T. “I’m no longer afraid of late night emergencies,” said Sherena T.

Our favorite answer to why moms love 24/7 Pediatric Care Centers was one that we couldn’t put on a card, but we thought you’d like it as much as we did: “Because my kids always spike a fever, have an asthma attack or can’t stop vomiting between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. for some reason.” We can’t say that one is coming to a billboard near you, but the rest of the campaign is.

And it’s not just good looking. The campaign performs. The series drew a significant number of new patients with the first mailing.

A BroadBased shout out to Designer Nikki Haywood for the fun creative! Print is not dead.