The LBA Group celebrates 50 years with commemorative website

The special anniversary website includes an interactive timeline, beginning with the firm’s 1966 founding and featuring firm milestones interwoven with pop culture and historical events. The website also features videos and lighthearted profiles of the partners and their alter egos. Visit the website and view their timeline and partner videos. Continue Reading

Video Testimonial: Mary Daniel from 24/7 Pediatric Care Centers

Here’s Mary Daniel, Practice Administrator at 24/7 Pediatric Care Centers, describing her experience with our Online Review Management Strategy. You can also check out our blog post 3 reasons why every doctor’s office needs a healthy online review strategy for more info, then call Chris Ramaglia, BroadBased’s EVP of Digital Strategy to talk about how we can… Continue Reading

3 reasons why every doctor’s office needs a healthy online review strategy

Online reviews have never been more important, as studies have shown that almost 90% of consumers trust them[1], and admit that positive reviews influenced their purchase decision[2]. When it comes to the online reputation of a doctor’s office this statistic can have an especially dramatic impact, as positive reviews can win the trust of a… Continue Reading

BroadBased is Celebrating 20 Years

To borrow a famous advertising slogan, “we’ve come a long way, baby.” In 1996, in a bungalow shared with Jacksonville Woman Magazine in the San Marco area of Jacksonville, CEO Jan Hirabayashi launched BroadBased Communications. Trading magazine design services for office space, she literally worked on a kitchen table. Her company didn’t even have a… Continue Reading

What’s the Buzz?

2016 marketing terminology can be a bit confusing, but there really is differentiation. Digital Marketing: Digital marketing is an overarching term for the use of digital tools and technology to attract leads and convert them to customers. Activities include search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing, social media marketing, display and pay-per-click… Continue Reading

And Speaking of Nurturing Leads…

By Chris Ramaglia, EVP Digital marketing saw a major shift in 2015, and if we’ve learned anything about internet marketing in recent years, it’s that change is constant and unpredictable. As buying behavior continues to evolve — both online and off — we have to respond with technologies and tactics that sell, and marketing strategies… Continue Reading

Stop cold-calling and start nurturing

By Chris Ramaglia, EVP Rather than cold-calling unqualified leads, marketing automation software takes a much more thoughtful approach. Based on collected data, it determines where each prospect sits in the sales funnel and markets to them accordingly. When a user clicks on one specific service, we continue to send them strategic communication for that service,… Continue Reading

Well Said

“Going forward, real-time marketing is going to be the holy grail of marketing.” ~ Jonathan Mildenhall CMO – Airbnb The World’s First Community Driven SuperBrand Continue Reading


Inbound marketing campaigns are 3x more likely to produce higher ROI than outbound. Inbound marketing is how you promote your company via content marketing to attract prospects into your sales funnel. You do this by positioning content on blogs, podcasts, video, e-newsletters, whitepapers, SEO, social media and more. Need an example? You’re looking at one.… Continue Reading


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