Online Advertising

Turn targeted ad traffic into qualified leads.

Skillfully designed online advertising campaigns can be tremendous lead generators, making them one of the highest return-on-investment opportunities in your marketing portfolio.

Our online advertising campaigns are tested, refined and perfected to maximize performance within your budget. We employ advanced audience and keyword targeting, along with smart, strategic landing page design, to deliver qualified inbound traffic and measured results to grow your business. Insights gained from user behavior and conversion tracking are used to fine-tune strategies and increase lead generation.

Case Study

Coastal Law – Expertise, Case Study, Online-Advertising

Coastal Law

The Challenge:

Coastal Law School requested BroadBased to design a strategy to market a program designed to attract students throughout the United States and abroad.

The Solution:

BroadBased analyzed prior client campaign data results to establish online advertising conversion benchmarks for both applications and matriculation. Based on the date, it was determined that a marketing plan designed for 20 million online ad views would be required to reach complete conversion goals.

The Result:

The formula and advertising execution outperformed projections and resulted in a higher enrollment than anticipated. These outcomes were applauded by the marketing department.
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Online Advertising portfolio

Our Process

  • Define goals and objectives.
  • Identify your target audience.
  • Analyze past data for clues to future conversion formulas.
  • Develop a strategic plan for funneling click-throughs to conversion.
  • Develop landing pages or automated strategies to nurture leads.
  • Meet with sales team to discuss lead follow-through and further nurture prospects.
  • Monitor click-through results and make course correction where needed.
  • Monthly reporting on conversions and ROI when applicable.

To see more of our solutions, please visit our Online Advertising portfolio.


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