An SEO Analysis can be performed by BroadBased to identify strengths and weaknesses and a recommended course of action. This analysis identifies HTML coding opportunities that should organically increase search engine popularity. As part of our analysis we will:

  • Analyze your top keywords and phrases and provide feedback as to their accuracy in real searches
  • Analyze competitor sites and compare keywords
  • Analyze your ranking in top search engines with the keywords you provide
  • Review use of keywords and phrases in website copy and make recommendations
  • Review internal stat counters (if possible) and provide traffic counts to your site as a benchmark
  • Recommend improvements for stat counters to obtain more strategic information on visitors, if needed
  • Analyze title descriptions for each page to determine if they are advantageous
  • Analyze names of image files to determine if they are advantageous
  • Analyze internal and external links to determine if they are named appropriately