How many eyeballs does your digital campaign need to be successful?

August 26, 2016


How do you determine the number of impressions needed for your online campaign to generate the volume of sales leads and closed deals needed to achieve your goals? If you’ve budgeted $5,000 for online lead generation for a new product or service, is that enough? How would you know?

BroadBased can help you answer these tough questions. We approach lead-gen budgets by beginning with the desired number of results and then applying conversion assumptions throughout the lead funnel to determine the total impressions needed to reach your goal. Conversion assumptions can be based on your past campaign performance or, in the case of a new offering, can be a combination of industry standards plus an informed estimate. By starting your campaign with a set of assumptions and an adequate budget, you are setting yourself up for success, instead of being left with unanswered questions.

Jan Hirabayashi

Jan Hirabayashi

Managing Partner

Jan Hirabayashi founded BroadBased in 1996 and is the company's managing partner and lead marketing strategist.