The 4-1-1 on Google's New Marketing Updates

June 26, 2019

Google held its annual Marketing Live event on May 14-15, where they continued to shake up the digital marketing world with innovative updates.

Google Search is revamping its current model to include new features that provide users easier and quicker access to snippets of useful information that they’re looking for. New ad formats such as Discovery Ads make for a more visually engaging platform where brands can interact with potential customers. 

For brands looking to break into the YouTube space, Google is rolling out an exciting, new and easy-to-use video solution called Bumper Machine, which allows you to produce six-second short-form videos from your longer video assets.

Let’s take a look at each of these features more in-depth and how the team at BroadBased can help place your company at the forefront of these innovative solutions. 

Google Search’s New Clothes

source: blog.googleGoogle’s search engine is a behemoth of information that is accessible to millions of users worldwide. It’s a platform where people look for answers – and they want to find those answers as quickly as possible. This subtle refresh in design will allow brands to showcase their individual icons to stand out more easily to users, as opposed to being seen as the same blue link throughout the entire page. 

Your audience will be able to find your brand more easily with this new design, which will be available for mobile users first.

Discovery Ads Combine Creativity with Broad Reach


Brands can now reach a wider audience through the use of Discovery Ads. Google takes the top-performing images you provide for your ad and optimizes them across multiple platforms, including Gmail, the Discover platform and the YouTube home feed.

With the use of Discovery Ads, you could now reach many more users on YouTube without the need to create a video ad! In 2018, monthly viewers on YouTube reached 149 million according to Statista. The video streaming giant is now regarded as the 2nd biggest search engine next to Google Search.

This is a great tool to utilize in tandem with other solutions such as Google Search ad campaigns and Website SEO to reach a wider audience.

Bumper Machine Takes Advantage of Short-Form Videos



When it comes to video content marketing, less may equal more. Short-form, six-second video ads have proven to be a more effective way to reach viewers on YouTube. So Google has created a solution to make it easier to produce multiple short-form bumper ad versions from longer video assets. This additional option will make it even easier to utilize video ads in short, medium or long-form.

Bumper ads are videos that are not skippable during YouTube video streaming. Here’s an example from leading battery brand, Duracell:

These three innovations will inevitably change the game in the digital marketing space – and that’s why we’re making sure to use these new tools to your advantage when thinking about ways we could reach your business goals.

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Digital Marketing Strategist

Maryann joined the BroadBased team in early 2019 and assists our Digital Marketing Strategist, Alexandra, with creating and managing content and graphics for social media, paid social advertising, e-blasts, and more.