What do you mean there’s no cable?

June 1, 2020

Dopson Family Medical Center, located in the rural community of Macclenny, Fla., proudly serves as a healthcare leader in their local community. For their newest advertising campaign they sought to promote their primary care practice – which has grown to be one of the largest in their region. The result of our collaboration was the following :30 spot produced by our longtime partner, CROP Creative Media.

Then there was a twist…

As we finalized our media buy and narrowed our target footprint to focus on the rural communities located between Jacksonville, Lake City and points south, we leaned on a cable strategy because broadcast covers much more of the market than was needed. But to our surprise we found that much of the rural areas are underserved by cable meaning there is no cable. To reach those areas we adapted our strategy to focus more heavily on OTT (Over The Top), which runs on streaming media platforms that bypass cable, broadcast and satellite. And then we added a healthy dose of highly targeted YouTube pre-roll to round things out.

 This part’s for the data geeks

One of the things we like most about running OTT (even when traditional cable and broadcast is available) is the granularity of the data we get from the real-time dashboard that includes metrics including specific channel use, time of the day and impressions by device type. One of the interesting things we found with the rural demographic is that there’s a very large segment of people watching TV shows and movies on FREE streaming services such as Pluto TV and Tubi. Pluto TV is actually Clark Howard’s top pick for free live streaming TV. Paid services such as Sling and FUBO are waaaaay down the list.

Curious about a streaming strategy?

If you’ve ever thought about broadcast advertising but know it’s not cost effective due to a niche audience, you might consider a streaming strategy. Streaming has no boundaries and the solution doesn’t have to be driven by geography. Companies can affordably position a product or service directly in front of a niche audience all across the country with a :30 spot, a :15 spot and a targeted streaming strategy. 

BroadBased has worked as an agency partner with Ed Fraser Memorial Hospital for over 6 years and helped launch innovative strategies such as YouTube and smartphone game ads, as well as a complete website redesign last year.

 You can learn more about our work by reading our Ed Fraser Memorial Hospital case study, and if you’re interested in a fresh marketing strategy to reach your audience and drive more leads, get in touch with the BroadBased team.

Chris Ramaglia

Chris Ramaglia


Chris Ramaglia leads our digital strategies at the agency. He has more than 17 years' experience with online lead generation, holds nine digital marketing certifications, and has a borderline obsession with helping our clients smash their new business goals.