Case Studies

Share your biggest challenges with us and we’ll collaborate on a custom solution designed to deliver measurable outcomes first with no fluff or vanity metrics. Browse our case studies, below, to get a full picture of our approach and how we turn client pain points into success stories.

Maida Custom Vision
A strategy with the vision to drive more leads.

Maida Custom Vision is one of the largest LASIK practices in Florida. They partnered with the BroadBased team to drive new patient leads.

The strategy combines patient testimonial and staff interview videos, social media advertising and conversion rate optimization to keep their waiting room full and grow their practice.

Campaign Goal: Maida Custom Vision is an ophthalmology practice in Jacksonville, Florida that exclusively performs LASIK procedures. They were acquired by Florida Eye Specialists in 2016 and sought to grow the practice with an aggressive marketing strategy. The goal for the practice is to drive new patient appointments.

Challenge: The LASIK market is saturated with large, national companies that advertise heavily on both traditional and digital platforms. They are low-cost solutions that lack the personal touch and friendly experience that can be provided by local practices. Maida CustomVision provides the highest quality LASIK procedures with the most advanced technology available, which comes at a higher price point and can only be performed on qualified patients. The target audience needed to be defined, and the right message needed to be delivered to not only drive new appointments but make sure they would convert to LASIK patients.

Solution: We produced a series of patient testimonial videos that showcase the personalized experience that Maida’s team provides, and highlights how happy patients are with the LASIK procedure. These videos are then promoted on Facebook and Instagram to a targeted audience that matched the geographic and demographic characteristics from Maida’s patient base, as well as retargets website visitors. We also created a marketing automation funnel on the website with a gated download that captures prospective patients’ email addresses and sends them a series of nurturing emails. These messages feature interview videos with the LASIK surgeons and office staff.


  • 24% increase in new patients over a 2-year period
  • A record amount of new patients in 2021
  • 32% increase in website conversions year-over-year

Key Insights:

  • Video is very effective in engaging top-of-funnel leads.
  • Testimonials are critical to drive conversion for a premium product/service.
  • Leads aren’t always ready to purchase right away and need to be nurtured.

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Complete Health Logo_Long

Complete Health
A healthy lead strategy for growing a brand.

Complete Health is a primary care physicians group that works with healthcare providers to provide the highest level of patient care.

They needed an integrated marketing strategy to raise awareness and increase patient counts. Their brand has grown to more than a dozen practices and counting.

Campaign Goal: Since our partnership began in 2019, Complete Health’s goal has been to increase their inbound new patient leads for a variety of their healthcare programs. As they’ve grown throughout the Southeast, we’ve helped them launch innovative campaigns that emphasize conversion and detailed reporting and analytics.

Challenge: Marketing primary care practices presents some unique challenges. Unlike elective procedures like plastic surgery, primary care services are generally undifferentiated, with prospective patients looking for a doctor near them that can help solve their healthcare issues. We had to create a message that conveyed trust and expertise, and make sure it was amplified to proper channels to reach the target audience and convert them to leads.

In addition, one of the primary programs that Complete Health markets is their Medicare services, which is targeted at seniors that may not be as technically-inclined. Geographically, some of their audience is located in rural areas that are underserved by traditional marketing platforms.

Solution: We launched an integrated marketing strategy that combines cutting-edge digital marketing campaigns like Over The Top (OTT) advertising and text message marketing with traditional tactics like direct mail and print ads. This is all backed up by foundational digital strategies such as SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and email marketing.

Advanced call tracking has been configured so we can accurately attribute leads to the proper source, and detailed analytics are shared to measure success and add new elements to the marketing plan with data-driven insights.


  • 3x increase in website traffic over 2-year period
  • 49% month-over-month increase in first-time callers to the practices
  • Practice expansion to 14 locations, including largest practice acquisition to date in 2022

Key Insights:

  • All tactics must use call tracking to measure success, even direct mail.
  • Constant testing and fine-tuning is necessary to differentiate services that the public may perceive as generic.
  • Working directly with the sales and support team is critical to success with email marketing as they know the prospect’s needs and how to best solve their problems.


Dopson Family Medical Center
A digital marketing strategy that targets each service specifically to the intended audience eliminates wasted advertising dollars invested in traditional broadcast advertising.

Campaign Goal: Increase primary- and specialty-care patients in this rural community.

Challenge: The town of Macclenny is 30 miles east of Jacksonville, Florida, a major metropolitan area that offers an abundant choice of healthcare providers. Lake City to the West also offers a large selection of healthcare options. BroadBased is tasked with increasing awareness of Dopson Family Medical Center to the local drive community with the message that quality healthcare providers and cutting-edge technology are available right in Macclenny. There is no need to travel to larger metro areas for quality care.

Solution: We target prospective patients where they are. An integrated marketing strategy includes Print, TV, Radio, Facebook advertising, Google PPC and digital advertising on YouTube and in-game apps. We supplement these efforts with awareness postcards mailed to people new to the area. For better budget management, regional TV and Radio tactics were replaced with OTT and Digital radio, and all tactics target prospects by zip code exactly in the desired geographic footprint.


  • 117% year-over-year increase in overall patient traffic
  • 142% year-over-year increase in unique website page views
  • 5% increase in new user website traffic, even with a reduced geographic reach.

Key Insights:

  • Don’t overlook the importance of organic search as a primary traffic source to the website.
  • Robust website copy facilitates inbound visits from individuals searching for the specific services offered at Dopson Family Medical Center.

Ed Fraser-Website-FB_900x500

Building a pipeline of leads.

BroadBased worked with CSX, the largest railroad on the East Coast, on a commodity-based initiative to grow revenue for the railroad’s building materials buyers and sellers.

Campaign Goal:The campaign was tasked with growing revenue on the railroad by relocating customers to rail-served locations, utilizing reload centers and warehouses, bringing customers back to the railroad and promoting growth for existing customers by handling new commodities or an increasing volume of current commodities.

Challenge: Materials needed to resonate with many different types of target audiences such as existing customers, prospects, buying groups/co-ops, and internal sales and marketing groups.

Solution: Working with the CSX sales and marketing team and using a mailing list developed by the
client, BroadBased created an integrated marketing approach that included printed sales
collateral materials, direct mail, a premium giveaway, a tradeshow booth, and an assortment of digital marketing materials.


  • The client received an 11% response rate through the direct mail initiative.
  • While the sales cycle was long (12+ months) the client projected CSX would realize millions of dollars in revenues as a result of the initiative.

Key Insights:

  • Vet any existing customer list very carefully to confirm and update contact information so your important offerings get reviewed by the right person.
  • B2B lists are usually of a manageable size, which allow you to invest more per piece to make a powerful impact. Consider oversize materials or a video brochure that will capture attention.
  • Digital whitepapers and other online access are often used as call-to-action or conversion measure. Consider additional incentives that can generate response from your audience such as an industry-specific premium. With this building materials audience, we offered a heavy duty tape measure that was well received.

MJW Consolidated
Industrial construction, engineering and fire protection

BroadBased worked with MJW Consolidated, an industrial construction, engineering and fire protection firm on an online presence designed to crystalize the company’s areas of service and expertise.

Campaign Goal: BroadBased was hired to create a website that showcased MJW Consolidated as the experts they are in industrial construction, engineering and fire protection.

Challenge: Because of their depth of expertise, there were 22 core services that needed to be included on the website along with details on the 12 different industries they serve. This scope of work required the website to be designed in an easily navigable format where many of the pages are supported with custom case studies or blog links.

Solution: Working with the MJW marketing team, BroadBased created a website that was “clean” in layout and easily navigable in function. The use of a dual menu strategy allows visitors to toggle within both of the large services and industries sections without hitting a back button. This format eliminates confusion, ensures visitors don’t get “lost” and creates a logical user experience.


  • Because there is an abundance of keyword-rich pages, the website enjoys a large amount of organic traffic.
  • The services and case study pages are informational, thorough and can easily be used in many different formats including one-off sheets used for prospect introductions or bid packages.

Key Insights:

  • For a website of this size, it’s critically important to follow a comprehensive wireframing process to ensure designers, developers and the client completely understand navigation goals and functionality.
  • A search field is very useful to visitors on this type of content-heavy website.


Jacksonville University Logo

Jacksonville University
A higher marketing standard for higher education.

Jacksonville University (JU) needed to set themselves apart on the highly competitive landscape of higher education marketing. We worked hand-in-hand with their team to drive new student leads and shatter enrollment records. Here’s how.

Campaign Goal: Launch individual campaigns for each enrollment segment to increase new student applications.

Challenge: As a private university, JU can face an uphill battle when competing with other in-state schools that have lower tuition rates. Many prospective students, especially those out-of-state, weren’t as aware of JU as they were of some of the larger universities in the state. Also, JU was faced with a “melt” issue, which is a challenge that most high-ed organizations encounter when accepted students don’t complete the enrollment process.

Solution: We helped JU’s team craft messages around key differentiators like their waterfront campus and best-in-class graduate salaries. Then, we promoted these messages across the platforms that attract prospective students. These included external social media apps like Facebook and Instagram, and internal resources that their team managed.

Some of our other tactics included direct mail pieces that targeted the parents of interested students, helping their team get the most of their marketing automation tool so they can nurture new students to decrease melt, and designing microsites to capture traffic from our digital campaigns.


  • Record highs in new student applications
  • More than 5 million impressions delivered to prospective students
  • Launched several graduate program marketing campaigns that exceeded enrollment goals

Key Insights:

  • Nurturing is key for decisions involving major life events like picking a college or graduate program. There needs to be a marketing strategy in place for each phase of the post-conversion funnel.
  • Messaging needs to be consistent when your marketing strategy is entirely across online and offline platforms. If your audience senses a disconnect and loses their personal attachment to your brand, they’ll head straight to your competition.
  • Your marketing team needs to be fully aligned with your agency to get the best results. They should be flexible to your in-house skillset, and add value as a strategic partner with new ideas and implementation plans.

Episcopal School of Jacksonville
Raising the bar on independent enrollment strategy.

As one of the premier independent schools in Northeast Florida, Episcopal School of Jacksonville (ESJ) wanted to showcase everything that makes their institution unique on their new website.

Campaign Goal: Launch a digital strategy that increases new student leads and ensures that the website design and experience is best-in-class.

Challenge: ESJ has aggressively grown their campuses since 2018 with mergers with two area elementary schools which expanded their footprint throughout Jacksonville. As they’ve grown, they continually require more new students to fill each grade level. Also, their tuition rates are competitive with other independent schools in the market.

Solution: A comprehensive digital campaign was launched to dominate intentional search that included a combination of search engine optimization (SEO) and Google Ads. By increasing ESJ’s presence on the first page of Google for key search terms, we helped them increase traffic and leads for the grade levels they needed to fill.

In addition, we’ve helped them redesign their website to keep pace with the ever-changing world of independent school online experiences, especially as it relates to younger families. Both new and current students have different needs on the website, and our strategies combine research and analytics with mobile-friendly designs to make sure all bases are covered.


  • Record-high enrollment year-over-year
  • First-page Google rankings for over a dozen high-value keyword phrases
  • Click through and conversion rates that consistently beat education benchmarks

Key Insights:

  • When mobile traffic exceeds desktop, that means prospects are searching on mobile too. SEO combined with Google Ads will ensure you’re found above your competitors on a smaller screen.
  • Including an ad group for your competition’s brand names will boost “conquest” clicks, meaning that you can capture prospects that were Googling the competition by name.
  • Websites that have a heavy traffic base of existing customers need to be fine-tuned from a design standpoint on a frequent basis. User experience is everything and you need to balance lead gen with serving your existing customers.


The Palazzo on St. Johns
Move-in ready leads for a luxury condominium development.

The Palazzo on St. Johns, a luxury waterfront condominium complex in Jacksonville, needed to jumpstart a stagnant lead generation strategy using purely digital tactics. We delivered an integrated approach that filled up their sales office.

Campaign Goal: Raise awareness for the only new construction waterfront luxury condominiums in Jacksonville. Drive high-quality new buyer leads that were the right fit for the property.

Challenge: The buildings that comprise The Palazzo on St. Johns were half-built by another company. When the ownership group for The Palazzo took over the project, there was a somewhat negative connotation associated with the property.

In addition, buyers had a much longer sales cycle than usual due to the construction timeline as well as the premium cost of the individual units.

Solution: To overcome any negative perceptions, we launched a public relations campaign, designed a series of print ads for local publications that attracted our target audience, and produced a series of commercial-quality videos to reintroduce the Palazzo to the community.

From there, we raised awareness with eye-catching Facebook Ads that showcased the luxury lifestyle, views and amenities that the Palazzo offered. We then drove intentional search with a Google Ad campaign targeted at the locations throughout the country that we found are interested in moving to Florida based on our research.

Finally, we helped the Palazzo’s sales team to maximize their use of their marketing automation tool, which helped nurture leads from interest to closing and made sure every lead was accounted for. A series of buyer testimonial videos were incorporated into the nurturing emails to give prospects a feel for the current residents, and why they loved living at the Palazzo so much.


  • 74% increase in leads after the first year
  • 31% increase in website traffic year-over-year
  • All units sold out in 2022

Key Insights:

  • Testimonial videos are excellent top-of-funnel content to introduce a brand.
  • Lead nurturing must be included in the marketing strategy for a luxury brand with a long sales cycle.
  • Floor plan-based ads perform best on Facebook because that’s what buyers are most interested in


Waterfall Condominiums
Driving leads home to oceanfront luxury.

Waterfall Condominiums was a proposed one-of-a-kind oceanfront residential building that wanted to change the skyline in Jacksonville Beach. Offering modern architecture, resort-style amenities, and unparalleled style and sophistication, the luxury condominium project needed a digital strategy to identify target buyers and convert them to leads.

Campaign Goal: Drive high-quality new buyer leads by targeting the ideal audience and presenting Waterfall’s one-of-a-kind value propositions.

Challenge: With a starting price of $1.2 million, the Waterfall luxury homes needed to be advertised to the right people to successfully convert leads and maximize the ad spend. The luxury real estate marketplace is a competitive place, especially along Florida’s oceanfront. Waterfall needed to stand out and have an innovative strategy in place to produce new buyers.

Solution: We did the research and found affluent areas throughout the country that had the highest rate of people buying luxury real estate in Florida. Then, we launched a series of Facebook ads to these areas to build awareness for Waterfall. To capture intentional search, we turned to Google Ads that were targeted by household income and other key factors.

Both these tactics were backed up by email marketing, in-person events, social media management, public relations and direct mail.


  • 60% increase in qualified new buyer leads
  • 42% increase in website traffic with a 145% increase in pageviews
  • 156% increase in month-over-month Instagram Likes

Key Insights:

  • When it comes to a niche audience, research-based targeting is everything.
  • With a high-ticket product like waterfront real estate, it’s critical to have a strong message that separates you from the competition.
  • When leads are at a premium, your CRM needs to integrate with your website to ensure every prospect is nurtured to maximize conversion.


Betros Plumbing
Helping a local plumbing company become flush with leads.

For over 50 years, Betros Plumbing has been one of the premier commercial plumbing contractors in all of Northeast Florida. In 2021, they launched a residential division and needed to fill their schedule with high-quality plumbing jobs.

We partnered with Exigo Sales and Marketing to put together a lead-generation strategy to make the phones ring and start growing the residential business.

Campaign Goal: Betros made the investment in their residential division with a new fleet of vehicles, equipment and technicians, and our job was to put them to work. We had to be up and running to drive leads fast to provide high ROI with a short turnaround time.

Challenge: Betros’ unmatched reputation and experience in the commercial space didn’t immediately translate into their residential launch. We had to position the company so that people visiting the website would view them as plumbing experts that could tackle any challenge that they were facing in their homes.

Solution: A targeted Google Ads campaign that drives traffic to a landing page built for conversion, with call tracking technology integrated so we could measure success and get an understanding of the quality of the calls we were driving.


  • 136% increase in phone calls in first 6 months
  • 125% increase year-over-year in calls generated from Google Ads
  • 63% increase in website traffic year-over-year

Key Insights:

  • Google Ads are highly effective at driving high-quality traffic with a quick turnaround.
  • Call tracking that allows you to record calls and gauge the quality is essential to ensure you’re getting the best-fit customers.
  • Landing pages that feature personalized content like headshots and bios of the team are important in the service industry because it helps build trust and authority.

Thigpen Heating and Cooling
Helping keep Jacksonville cool with a hot lead generation program

Thigpen has been helping cool off people and businesses in Jacksonville since 1962. They’re family owned and operated and have been named Lennox’s “Dealer of the Year” on multiple occasions.

Campaign Goal: The AC industry is highly seasonal, with the prime advertising time coming during the balmy summers we have in Northeast Florida. Thigpen needs to drive leads during that limited window, and they need to come from the right customers to maximize their ROI.

Challenge: The competition for AC companies in Jacksonville is white-hot and Thigpen needed to stand out and drive leads with a campaign that highlights their differentiators. Many of their competitors have been purchased by larger, national companies that expand their offerings into plumbing and electrical services.

Solution: With the help of Exigo Sales and Marketing, we worked with Thigpen’s team to launch a customized LeadSiteTM to showcase the value of a family-owned and operated AC company, and promote the level of service and quality their customers can expect.

The LeadSite is a custom-built landing page that features a video introduction from the President of the company, Joe Thigpen, Jr., and a trackable phone number and CRM-integrated contact form.

Google Ads that feature discount offers and reinforce unique value propositions are used to drive traffic to the LeadSite, and the quality of leads are evaluated regularly to measure success.

  • 136% increase in Google Ads-based phone calls during busy season
  • 39% increase in website traffic year-over-year during busy season

Key Insights:

  • Purpose-built landing pages with high-quality video content personalize your brand and increase conversion rates.
  • Campaign budgets need to be flexible in industries like HVAC that see increased volume based on seasonal trends.
  • In a competitive service industry, you have to have a separate ad group that bids on competitors' names so you appear when prospects Google your competition.

Vijay Singh
Teeing up social media for a golf legend.

Hall of Fame golfer Vijay Singh needed a social media presence as dominating as his career on the links. While the prime of his legendary career came before social media exploded on the professional sports scene, we made sure Vijay’s following came with him as he established a more active presence.

Campaign Goal: To increase Vijay’s followers and engagement on social media, specifically Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Challenge: Vijay Singh is one of the most accomplished golfers to have ever swung a club. He’s won 34 events, 3 of which were major championships, and was elected into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2006. Despite these achievements, his social media presence wasn’t up to par, and he wanted to strengthen his popularity among die-hard fans, and introduce his brand to newer golf fans.

Solution: Comprehensive social media content calendars that included images, videos and copywriting along with breakdowns by topic. Vijay’s current golf events were publicized across his social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and we incorporated posts for a wide variety of topics, interests and products.

Sponsors and other golfers and athletes were tagged in our posts, and we promoted Vijay’s extraordinary strength and conditioning training videos for maximum exposure. Our calendar was presented a month in advance to prepare for 3-4 posts per week, plus responses, and all activity was tracked in a real-time social media monitoring tool.


  • 103% follower increase after the first month
  • 280% increase in post reach
  • 156% increase in month-over-month Instagram Likes

Key Insights:

  • A social media calendar is a critical tool to create, refine and approve posts for a large social media account.
  • Different post styles need to be tested to determine which posts will perform best. Visual content like images, videos and quote graphics, as well as copy, need to be tested individually.
  • Social media monitoring is best done through the use of a dedicated tool to track engagement in real-time.