Stats in Focus: Our new video marketing series

BroadBased is kicking off a new video series called Stats in Focus to share research-backed data on what tactics and techniques are driving results for marketers. And what better way to launch the series than with a feature on video marketing? Watch the video above to learn the five reasons your digital strategy needs video.…

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Palazzo on St. Johns upgrades content marketing campaign

Palazzo at St. Johns

  As one of Jacksonville’s only newly constructed riverfront condo developments, Palazzo on St. Johns needs to keep its luxury property top of mind with its target audience. Since 2016, BroadBased has been helping them do just that with an integrated digital approach that continues to drive leads and produce results. The latest content marketing…

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Two quick and easy Facebook ad hacks to improve your campaigns

Facebook Ad Hacks

As more companies make Facebook advertising a larger part of their digital marketing strategy, they’re learning that campaigns can plateau after launch. The platform is constantly making updates and rolling out new features that can make a big impact in a short time. We’ve found two hacks that are especially effective for maintaining performance of…

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Required Reading: BroadBased 2018 Digital Marketing Survey Results

Digital Marketing Survey

Last month we invited small business owners, marketers and executives to participate in our first-ever digital marketing survey. They responded by providing useful insights into what’s working, what’s not and where they’re taking their digital strategies in 2018. Some results were expected, but others were surprising, as companies continue to refine their strategies and seek…

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Content marketing webinar: How to generate more leads, lower costs

Content marketing is one of the best strategies to drive new leads, retain existing customers and increase upsells. It’s shown to be three times more effective than traditional marketing while costing up to 62 percent less.* That’s why we made it the topic of our first-ever webinar last month. Check it out below: In addition…

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Is your 2017 digital strategy set up for a strong finish?

As 2017 passed the halfway pole, your company probably took time for a progress check against annual revenue and growth forecasts. Whether your review found you were out in front or off the pace, there’s a good chance that your digital marketing strategy had a direct impact on your first-half performance. Improving traffic and lead…

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EVP Chris Ramaglia interviewed on WOKV's Marketing Advisors

The Marketing Advisors tracked down Chris Ramaglia earlier this month for a live radio interview about digital marketing on WOKV. Our executive vice president and digital market guru talked with Rusty Winter and Traig Kaszyk about the importance of a mobile presence, video marketing and much more. Check out the interview below and get in…

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IZEAFest 2017

BroadBased was excited to attend this year’s IZEAFest Conference, which focuses on content and influencer marketing. Speakers included marketing executives from global brands such as Disney, Chipotle and Hewlett Packard, as well as technology giants such as Google and Yahoo. The event was capped off by a networking event held at Universal’s Islands of Adventure…

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Debunking the 4 biggest myths of email marketing

More and more companies are marketing to prospects and customers via email, from local “mom and pops” all the way up to Fortune 500 enterprises. And with good reason, as email marketing averages an ROI of $38 for every $1 spent (Email Monday). But this widespread adoption has also brought about a variety of misconceptions that…

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