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The Great Google Ad Rebrand: What it means to you

The Great Google Ad Rebrand: What it means to you

Google announced earlier this month that it was combining all of its advertising products, including AdWords, under three new primary brands. “Today’s shopper will consider many different sources — like online search, videos, and blogs — before making a purchase. In any 48 hour period, over 80% of Americans are shopping for something,” according to… Continue Reading

Planning to bulk up your Google reviews? Read this first.

Planning to bulk up your Google reviews? Read this first.

Online reviews can make or break your digital marketing efforts. You can be driving leads through social media, search, email and more, but if your perfect prospect reads a bad review, the chances of them converting will plummet. Because Google reviews appear next to your company listing on search result pages, they’re one of the… Continue Reading

Is bite-size the right size for your next digital launch?

Digital marketing is evolving so quickly and strategy adjustments occur so frequently that some companies are understandably gun shy about launching big new campaigns. But while waiting for the “perfect time” might seem prudent, in reality it gives nimble competitors a head start and ultimately costs much more in lost revenue and market share. The… Continue Reading

Social vs. Search: Which is a better fit for your advertising dollar?

For the past 10 years, Google Pay Per Click (PPC) and display advertising (graphic ads displayed on websites) have dominated digital advertising budgets — and rightfully so, as over 3.5 billion searches are performed each day on Google (see them all in real time here). But how we use the Internet changes constantly and the… Continue Reading

Google’s latest ad layout change and how it impacts your organic SEO ranking

Last month Google confirmed that desktop search results will no longer display text ads on the right side of the page leaving only 3-4 ads above the organic listings. When you factor in the 3 ads that display at the bottom of the page underneath organic listings, the total number of ad results drop from… Continue Reading


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