Search Engine Optimization

Generate more traffic and leads by elevating your search engine rankings.

Your website can only perform for you if customers and prospects can find it. How can you be visible amid the millions of websites currently in operation?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process designed to help increase organic (a fancy word for free) search results. Organic results are unpaid rankings of Web pages returned by search engines in response to a keyword query.

The page placement of a company in a Web search can be significantly increased if the website is optimized to be as visible as possible to search engines. You just have to provide enough information in the website for the search engines to be able to find you and your many products or services. But that’s not all — there are many, many tactics that affect your SEO performance including having a comprehensive local search strategy, incorporating videos on your website and eliminating all pop-up ads.

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Our Process

  • Keyword research to determine which phrases have the highest return on investment.
  • Evaluate website’s current SEO structure and make changes to front-end content and back-end code to optimize keyword presence.
  • Create and update local directories to ensure rankings for geographic searches.
  • Implement a review management strategy to encourage positive customer reviews and effectively address negative comments in a timely manner.
  • Perform research to determine optimal backlinks that prove relevance to search engines and justify rankings.
  • Write keyword-rich blog posts and publish to website to draw search engine traffic.
  • Provide in-depth performance report with analysis and recommendations.

Case Study

Sun Tire

The Challenge:

Sun Tire, North Florida’s leading locally owned and operated tire dealer, needed an innovative digital marketing strategy to achieve and maintain top rankings in Google search. An integral part of the strategy was staying true to the company’s core values, which are firmly rooted in best-in-class customer service and satisfaction.

The Solution:

A combination of cutting-edge SEO tactics and relevant, customer-centered blog content were used to move Sun Tire up in keyword rankings for its geographic markets. The strategy was built around how users interact with Google to not only find businesses but answer practical questions. (Why does that little tire light keep coming on?)

The Result:

This comprehensive strategy helped the #1 tire company in Jacksonville rank #1 for its most important keywords on Google, all while providing customers with valuable safety tips and information.


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