Our custom marketing plans are designed to reach your specific goals.

We'll do the hard thinking to craft an integrated marketing strategy that begins with the end in mind. Need a 20% boost in sales? Let's crunch the numbers and figure out the best tools and tactics to get you there. You'll need a way to measure these goals as well, and our strategies track everything that matters to your success.

Case in point:



Complete Health has seven locations throughout Florida and Alabama and executes a comprehensive marketing strategy to raise awareness and drive new patient leads.

Coordination of your brand is the key to a higher return on investment.

Effective marketing is a symphony, not a battle of the bands. From your marketing brochures to your website and your social media branding, all elements must flow together and support each other, ensuring that you’re hitting all the right notes. By collaborating with you to develop an integrated marketing plan in which every element has a clear purpose and a stated goal, BroadBased will help you realize the highest return on investment possible from your marketing budget.

Our Strategic Process:


  • Situation Analysis – What is your current situation?
  • Marketing Objectives – What are your goals?
  • Marketing Strategy – What methods will we employ to reach those goals?
  • Implementation Plan – How does timing affect the end result?
  • Tracking Success – How well did the strategy perform?

See for yourself

Trust the team at BroadBased to custom-build a marketing strategy complete with tactics, execution, and measurement. We're equally comfortable taking the lead as we are to follow yours, whichever works best to achieve your goals.