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Increase your lead volume at a fraction of the cost of traditional internet marketing

In our work with companies with a B2C focus we’ve found they all share a similar goal with their digital marketing campaigns: Drive New Leads. 

From doctors offices to apartment complexes to tire stores, we’ve helped a variety of businesses generate a higher quantity, and quality, of new leads through their website. One of the most effective tactics we’ve employed is Facebook Advertising, and few strategies offer a higher return on investment (ROI) and overall success in driving traffic.

Actual campaign statistics from one of our clients, Facebook traffic literally doubled visits to their website.

“I think one of the reasons that Facebook is so successful for B2C companies is the advanced audience targeting it offers. Every business is different with regards to geography and demographics and we’re able to customize the perfect audience for maximum results on a client-by-client basis.” – Chris Ramaglia, BroadBased EVP

Dentistry 4 Children’s Facebook Carousel Ad

From an ROI standpoint, a new lead can result in hundreds, and in the case of higher-end products and services, thousands of dollars in revenue to a practice. Facebook and Paid Social campaigns are comparatively far less expensive than Google Adwords or other costly digital advertising options, and the ad formats are much more creative.

Ads that people actually like seeing on Facebook

From photo & video galleries to image carousels to interactive canvas ads, Facebook ads look as good as they perform and offer a rich user experience. Many of the most successful ad formats looks like normal user posts and when designed properly don’t appear as disruptive ads.

And the results speak for themselves, we’ve been able to double overall website traffic and increase new leads by over 40%. Unlike traditional internet marketing strategies like SEO, campaigns can be launched quickly to achieve instant results.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Define key zip codes to target, along with age and demographic data for ideal targets
  2. Design creative ads with a custom or stock photos
  3. Configure tracking so we can clearly prove results
  4. Launch the campaign and monitor daily to respond to comments and messages

In many cases we can have a new campaign up and running in less than a week, call our EVP Chris Ramaglia at 904-755-3857 to talk more about our Facebook advertising packages.


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