Featured Case Study

Betros Plumbing
Helping a local plumbing company become flush with leads.

For over 50 years, Betros Plumbing has been one of the premier commercial plumbing contractors in all of Northeast Florida. In 2021, they launched a residential division and needed to fill their schedule with high-quality plumbing jobs.

We partnered with Exigo Sales and Marketing to put together a lead-generation strategy to make the phones ring and start growing the residential business.

Campaign Goal: Betros made the investment in their residential division with a new fleet of vehicles, equipment and technicians, and our job was to put them to work. We had to be up and running to drive leads fast to provide high ROI with a short turnaround time.

Challenge: Betros’ unmatched reputation and experience in the commercial space didn’t immediately translate into their residential launch. We had to position the company so that people visiting the website would view them as plumbing experts that could tackle any challenge that they were facing in their homes.

Solution: A targeted Google Ads campaign that drives traffic to a landing page built for conversion, with call tracking technology integrated so we could measure success and get an understanding of the quality of the calls we were driving.


  • 136% increase in phone calls in first 6 months
  • 125% increase year-over-year in calls generated from Google Ads
  • 63% increase in website traffic year-over-year

Key Insights:

  • Google Ads are highly effective at driving high-quality traffic with a quick turnaround.
  • Call tracking that allows you to record calls and gauge the quality is essential to ensure you’re getting the best-fit customers.
  • Landing pages that feature personalized content like headshots and bios of the team are important in the service industry because it helps build trust and authority.