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Our Process Brand Development, Expertise, Process

Our Process Determine launch timeframe/goals. Develop creative brief. Ensure proposed name is available for TM or SM. Develop tagline if required. Develop up to five solutions for presentation. Test creative with focus group if appropriate. Revise up to two selected logos for final presentation. Design stationery, business papers, signage, fleet graphics, promo items. Consult on… Continue Reading

Our Process – Expertise, Online Advertising, Process

Our Process Define goals and objectives. Identify your target audience. Analyze past data for clues to future conversion formulas. Develop a strategic plan for funneling click-throughs to conversion. Develop landing pages or automated strategies to nurture leads. Meet with sales team to discuss lead follow-through and further nurture prospects. Monitor click-through results and make course… Continue Reading

Our Process – Expertise, Process, Search Engine Optimization

Our Process Keyword research to determine which phrases have the highest return on investment. Evaluate website’s current SEO structure and make changes to front-end content and back-end code to optimize keyword presence. Create and update local directories to ensure rankings for geographic searches. Implement a review management strategy to encourage positive customer reviews and effectively… Continue Reading

Our Process – Expertise – Marketing Automation

Our Process Research and select the appropriate marketing automation software based on client needs. Develop a content marketing strategy that defines optimal types of content and delivery methods. Identify various customer personas based on target audience and match content specifically to each unique persona. Craft the email campaign with custom-designed email templates and landing pages.… Continue Reading

Our Process – Expertise – Responsive

Our Process Define goals and objectives. Identify your target audience. Analyze the competition. Develop a strategic plan based on user experience goals. Define and incorporate success measures. Include conversion strategies to enable you to capture desirable visitor data. Incorporate BroadBased’s search engine optimization (SEO) protocol. Provide three unique creative options. Additional steps to refresh an… Continue Reading

Our Process – Expertise, Process, Social Media Marketing

Our Process Identify appropriate social media channels based on target audience and business goals. Set interaction parameters, rules of engagement and house rules. Brand pages. Develop messaging strategy based on pre-defined goals. Develop monthly content based on approved topics. Schedule approved content in advance for automatic posting. Monitor and report. To see more of our… Continue Reading

Our Process – Email Marketing, Expertise, Process

Our Process Develop email content strategy and goals. Custom design email template for display on desktop and mobile devices. Implement tracking mechanisms to measure success. Gather existing customer email contacts and send out the campaign. Monitor activity, report analytics on opens, clicks and conversions. Meet on a standing basis to make recommendations and improve. To… Continue Reading

Our Process – Expertise, Marketing Planning, Process

Our Process Situation Analysis – What is your current situation? Marketing Objectives – What are your goals? Marketing Strategy – What methods will we employ to reach those goals? Implementation Plan – How does timing affect the end result? Tracking Strategies – How well did the strategy perform? Download a sample of what you can… Continue Reading


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