Online Advertising for Physicians


What would a steady flow of high-quality new patient leads do for your practice’s bottom line?

BroadBased is a digital marketing firm offering your physician practice a blueprint for success that will drive hundreds of leads each month to your practice website.

The solutions we offer are customized for your practice and managed by marketing professionals. If you are trying to manage your own digital outreach in-house, chances are it’s not a priority for you or your office staff and is lacking a focused approach resulting in significant time investment and poor results.

Below, we present three entry-level solutions that will quickly rev up your patient acquisition and help you meet your revenue goals.


Grow your reach with custom Facebook ad campaigns.
Grow your reach with custom Facebook ad campaigns.

Affordable Facebook Advertising
Your prospects are on Facebook an average of 50 minutes per day. Are they exposed to your practice brand?

Facebook advertising allows you to get in front of customers in ways that search can’t. Our custom, localized Facebook ad campaigns are designed to raise awareness of your practice, drive traffic to your website and put you visibly ahead of your local competition. Our advertising package includes a selection of three ads proven to appeal to every demographic, and our strategy will keep your practice in front of those seeking physician services in living in your targeted zip codes. And because we work with only one practice in any market, we guarantee that your competition will never have access to our proven strategies.



Improve communication with cost-effective newsletters.
Improve communication with cost-effective newsletters.

Affordable Custom Practice Newsletters
Monthly practice e-newsletters are one of the most cost-effective and fastest methods of increasing and improving patient communications.

E-newsletters allow you to build rapport with patients by providing regular health and wellness news while also directing new and existing patients to your website to access forms, make an appointment or explore other practice features. Just one extra patient appointment per day can provide significant impact to your bottom line over any given month. Your monthly newsletter content can also be re-used on your social media channels and blog, contributing to your valuable online library of information.



Be alerted each time a review is posted about your practice on Facebook, Google, Yelp, or
Be alerted each time a review is posted about your practice on Facebook, Google, Yelp, or

Affordable Online Practice Review Service
Positive online reviews are crucial to your physician practice.

At BroadBased, we employ powerful tools that allow you to stay on top of what’s being said about your practice online. Those tools also give you the instant ability to share positive reviews or quickly respond to negative reviews. You know that patients rely on online reviews when researching physicians, and it’s especially important for you to respond immediately to any less than positive content. Handled correctly, negative comments provide you the opportunity to express concern and point out positive qualities about your practice.

An attractive feature of this service is that you will receive a historical compilation of all existing online reviews at the time of activation.




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