LeadSiteTM Lead Generation

LeadSite is BroadBased’s turnkey lead generation program designed to work in tandem with – but separately from – your existing website. Our program is purpose built to deliver new, high-quality leads to the top of your funnel without the need to grant us access to your website.

LeadSite is different because it is a single page designed strictly for the purpose of converting traffic into leads. LeadSite can be launched in as few as 1-2 weeks and start producing results in the first month. How does it work?

  1. A budget is established based on projected advertising traffic for your specific industry and audience.
  2. Your LeadSite landing page is created and features your value proposition, a custom video, website conversion form and trackable phone number.
  3. Upon launch, form-fills and phone calls are received by your team for sales nurturing.
  4. Call recordings are monitored for customer service optimization opportunities.
  5. A real-time analytics dashboard is provided for traffic and conversion monitoring.
  6. Optional 24-hour pay-per-lead chat hosting available is available for your LeadSite and Website.