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Because of the fast changing landscape of social media and changing popularity of a community, no two campaigns are alike. We provide recommendations for campaign-appropriate social assets based on your specific target audience.

JAX2025 Initiative Launch

JAX2025 was a 2012 community-based initiative in Jacksonville, Florida in which the goal was to survey city residents as the first step to creating a shared vision of what the city should look like in 2025 and how the community would get there.

BroadBased was awarded the marketing and public relations contract and oversaw development of the entire initiative, which included naming and branding, development of key messages, website development, social media development/guidelines, printed marketing materials, in-kind media recruiting and public relations.

Facebook and Twitter messaging were used throughout the campaign, with a first outreach goal of promoting the online survey. Branding was first established with website and Facebook page development.

Click SocialMediaSamples-Jax2025 to download a PDF that includes high resolution images.


Images of the JAX2025 branded website and facebook page.


The Jax2025 initiative launch Twitter schedule is presented below. Please keep in mind that Twitter did not allow images in 2012. A similar schedule was created for use on Facebook.

A screen capture of the JAX2025 launch Twitter content spreadsheet.

A meme was created around how real people were superheroes who had the power to drive the vision of the city. The tagline: Imagine it. Build it. Reach it. referred to the process that would take place to create the vision. Superhero capes were used throughout the campaign in advertising, memes, social media and on-street promotions

Outcome: The stretch goal was to receive 10,000 completed surveys in 60 days. The final result was 12,582 surveys completed by deadline, which the client attributed in large part to marketing and PR efforts.

Screen captures of the JAX2025 meme use which includes models and residents wearing a superhero cape.

A congratulatory message to the community on exceeded survey goal expectations that includes branding and kids dressed as superheroes.



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