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Socially Speaking

Speaking of women of influence, a 2008 award recipient, BroadBased CEO Jan Korb, was recently quoted in the Jacksonville Business Journal (JBJ) on the topic of social media. In short, Korb’s advice for taking the leap into social media: Not so fast. Korb believes that instead of jumping in with both feet and trying to… Continue Reading

Florida Coastal Adds Twitter to Communications Strategy

On the heels of the March BROADcast reporting on the use of Twitter for business, Florida Coastal School of Law has launched its own official Twitter micro-blog. “We are using it as a means to reach prospective and current students, as well as our 2,000+ alumni living across the country,” says Brooks Terry, Marketing Director.… Continue Reading

Keeping Tabs on Twitter

If your company is looking for a new ways to find or reach customers, we suggest you look into Twitter. It has moved quickly beyond the world of social media-savvy teens and into marketing departments and board rooms. We use it ourselves, and other companies like Dell, JetBlue, H&R Block, and the Lakeland, Florida, Police… Continue Reading

Picture Your Face on Facebook

Picture this scenario: You need a campaign to reach the 20-somethings in your town. You place an ad on Facebook. You also place print and radio ads that run concurrently. The results: through the real-time monitoring on Facebook, you learn that your ad received nearly two million views and 500 click-throughs to the page you… Continue Reading

Dollar for Dollar, Specialty Advertising Packs the Biggest Punch

Thinking of cost-effective ways to punch up your advertising on a limited budget? Everything old is new again – try imprinted specialty items. According to recent advertising research, those imprinted mugs, caps, bags and pens are more powerful advertising messengers than you might think, and they’re cheaper per impression than any other form of media.… Continue Reading


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