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Video has changed the way all of us consume content. Instead of watching TV broadcasts on big flat screens, we’re turning to on-demand streaming video on our smartphones and tablets. What does that mean for businesses hoping to attract consumers’ attention and bring in new business? It means they need to get on board with video marketing. Now.

At BroadBased we’ve found several ways to easily and inexpensively produce high-quality videos that build awareness, drive leads and create referrals and upsells. Here are a few examples, along with a ballpark budget and timeline to produce them:

Testimonial-Style Interviews

What better way to add a personal touch to a product or service than real people talking about how much it helped them? This approach is also great for staff features that enable potential customers to put a “face with a name” and build a connection with your company even before the first contact.Bonus Tip: The more comfortable the setting, the more natural the testimonial will come off versus a scripted commercial. The “conversation over coffee” style of this video gives it a very sincere quality.

Animated Explainer Videos

Have a complex service that’s tricky to explain with a blog post or brochure? Animated explainer videos are a great fit because they take complicated topics and make them easy to understand with a combination of copy and graphics

Bonus tip: Most social media sites begin playing videos without sound, so be sure to add captions that instantly tell the user the subject of the video.

Photo Collage Videos

Not ready to go on camera but still want to market with video? No problem. Advanced video-editing software can take your best product or team photos and turn them into a professional collage-style video that’s perfect for social media and email marketing.

Bonus tip: Use the best, most-interesting photo you can find for the opener, as that’s what will capture viewers’ attention and hook them to learn more.

Commercial-Quality TV Spots

Many variables go into creating high-def, professionally produced TV spots. If you go into negotiations with $6,000 to $10,000, you should be able to play ball.


Broadcast TV is still a viable means to build awareness and keep your brand in front of your target audience. In addition to being a showcase for your company, high-quality commercials are easy to share on social media.

Bonus tip: Be sure to make the content as “evergreen” as you can, so it will remain relevant and usable for as long as possible.

Interested in putting a video marketing strategy in place for your company? Get in touch with Chris via email or give him a call at 904-398-7279 ext 17.



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