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Ed Fraser Memorial Hospital wanted a strategic marketing plan designed to raise awareness of the benefits of using the rural facility’s many service offerings, including on-site primary physicians and specialists, as well as outpatient services ranging from physical therapy to imaging and laboratory services.

Ed Fraser Memorial Hospital’s integrated marketing plan incorporates broadcast and cable television, radio, billboards and online advertising, as well as a new social media presence. 

As data from campaigns has been collected, more advanced strategies were launched including Over The Top (OTT) advertising, YouTube video advertising campaigns and smartphone video game ads.

Ed Fraser_WebsiteMockupA new 100-page responsive website was developed for Baker County Medical Services that integrated four healthcare facilities into one master website under the main brand of Ed Fraser Memorial Hospital.

The goal with the new website was to create a faster and more user-friendly browsing experience that acts as a guide to the entire campus, while providing management with a marketing hub.

The digital marketing strategy for Ed Fraser Memorial Hospital combines Google search, Facebook advertising, email marketing and YouTube ads. These tactics and more work in tandem to raise awareness for their medical services and drive new patient appointments. 

The hospital and its affiliated facilities are more than just medical providers, they’re a community hub for that serves their rural areas. The digital marketing has been a key part of their success, as traditional outlets like cable aren’t as effective as digital channels for their audience.

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