A strategy with the vision to drive more leads.

MaidaCustom Vision partnered with the BroadBased team to drive new patient leads for their LASIK procedure. The strategy combines video, social media and conversion rate optimization to keep their waiting room full and grow their practice.

What better way to promote the incredible results of LASIK than with enthusiastic testimonials from happy patients? BroadBased has shot over 50 testimonial videos as part of our online lead generation strategy with MaidaCustom Vision, from couples to Jaguar players to features from the doctors themselves. 

The videos have been incorporated in social media, email marketing and landing pages for Google Ads and continue to be a primary drive of qualified new prospective patients. 

Raising awareness with targeted Facebook ads has been a key part of the digital strategy’s success. Remarketing campaigns continue to keep the practice and their LASIK procedure top of mind for prospective patients, and drive conversion throughout the marketing funnel. 

Patient testimonials are featured in ads, as well as informative videos featuring the practice’s doctors and staff to create a personalized experience that drive results.


Maida_Leads_Website_DevicesWe incorporated a Lead Magnet that entices website visitors to download their exclusive LASIK guide to begin the marketing automation process. Once subscribed, users receive informative email communications that focus on providing value in advance to drive new LASIK patient consultations. 

The campaign is refined on an ongoing basis to improve performance, and all key engagement are tracked along with new phone calls and contact form submissions.

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