They do all that? The JAX Chamber Foundation steps out

May 31, 2015


BroadBased partnered with the JAX Chamber Foundation to plan, design and develop a new website for the organization. The website launched in May.

A common dilemma of foundations affiliated with larger organizations is whether to rely on the larger group’s website to tell their story or to create a stand-alone Web presence. The answer is often determined by the foundation’s involvement in program delivery, as opposed to focusing primarily on fundraising.

For JAX Chamber Foundation President Sandy Bartow, the choice was clear. Bartow identified a need to raise awareness of the Foundation’s dynamic, wide-ranging initiatives by creating a separate website that reflects the breadth and depth of its mission.

Founded in 1978 and serving all of Northeast Florida, the Foundation funds community leadership, workforce development and entrepreneurial education programs in support of long-term regional prosperity. Its initiatives include the Jacksonville Women’s Business Center and its programs, such as Marketing Matters and Financial Matter$ for women business owners; the Small Business Center’s micro enterprise certification program, including Achieve Your Business Dream workshops; the Earn Up workforce development program to increase the region’s college attainment; Global Cities Initiative to boost exporting; JAX Bridges; Leadership Matters; and more.

Bartow’s vision was to create a website that not only raised awareness of this diversity of high-impact programs, but also comprehensively presented participation, volunteer and partnership opportunities.


Sandy Bartow President, JAX Chamber Foundation Vice President, Entrepreneurial Growth, JAX Chamber

To turn the vision into reality, the Foundation chose BroadBased.

“Working with Jan and her team was a great experience,” said Bartow, who is also vice president of Entrepreneurial Growth for the JAX Chamber. “Their insights on the creation of our website, driven by hard questions and thoughtful consideration of sharing our story, was engaging and resulted in a site we are thrilled to launch.”

Please visit to learn about the Foundation’s mission, programs, volunteer opportunities and long list of corporate and individual supporters.


Jan Hirabayashi founded BroadBased in 1996 and is the company's CEO and lead marketing strategist.