Meet Richard Willich

February 1, 2010

Richard Willich, the CEO and Chairman of MDI Holdings has fast become one of our area’s most watched CEOs. Not only is he the CEO of the largest employer in St. Johns County, he is also a historian, a veteran, a philanthropist and a man of deep spiritual faith. Having not been in the area as long as some of our most watched companies, he has often been misunderstood and/or relatively unknown in our market for his accomplishments and giving.

Recognizing how versatile the Web is for conveying ideas and sharing points of view, client Richard Willich asked BroadBased to develop a contemporary site reflecting his background and current perspectives.

Led by Web Designer Sean Collins, the team incorporated an array of narratives, documents and photos from Willich’s life experiences. Readers learn first-hand about Willich as a decorated U.S. Marine during the Vietnam era, through college, law school, pilot training, in business and his numerous philanthropic activities.

The public relations team at BroadBased also works for Richard to communicate his news to traditional and new media. Complementing the campaign is an ongoing media relations plan, a new media plan including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, making it easy to connect with Richard and learn about his projects.

The site will be constantly updated with his philanthropic projects and other news.

Visit for a fascinating account of this patriot, businessman and conservative activist. He is certainly someone you should know!


Jan Hirabayashi founded BroadBased in 1996 and is the company's CEO and lead marketing strategist.