Green Message: ‘It’s OK To Print’

June 28, 2011

As social responsibility issues have become a business imperative, the papers that companies use to communicate their message can be as important as the message itself. Wayne Dennis, corporate director of sustainability at Mac Papers, has developed an informative sustainability presentation titled ‘It’s OK To Print.’  With the following eight facts, he reminds us why paper is still a very important part of marketing campaigns.

  • It’s 10% easier to read and 30% easier to understand words on paper versus words online.
  • 30% less carbon is emitted to produce a newspaper for one person to read for one year than for one person to read online for 30 minutes.
  • Electronics use 90% fossil fuels purchased off grid.
  • An average of 78% of all power used by U.S. paper mills comes from alternative fuel sources such as wind and hydroelectric power. Some paper mills have been using green energy practices since the early 1900′s. In fact, French Paper has been producing its paper using 100% hydroelectric power since 1922.
  • 98% of consumers bring in mail the day they receive it; 77% look through it that day.
  • A person’s mood improves 26% by the touch of tactile printed paper.
  • Print is viewed as trustworthy and objective; Web is viewed as timely.
  • Print and electronic media work very well together (think PURLs and QR codes).

For more information, or to learn more about how Mac Papers can enhance your company’s image through effective paper sourcing strategies that promote sustainability and support your business goals, email Wayne Dennis at

Jan Hirabayashi

Jan Hirabayashi

Managing Partner

Jan Hirabayashi founded BroadBased in 1996 and is the company's managing partner and lead marketing strategist.