Top B2B Web Traffic Conversion Sources

January 29, 2013 reported in January on Optify’s 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report that the most successful drivers of B2B website traffic is email as the source with the highest conversion rate. Also included in the article is reference to a new study from NetProspex that reveals that 64% of B2B companies believe that their databases are unreliable (64%) or questionable (34%). You can read the entire article here.

B2B Conversion rate, by Web Traffic Source:

  • Email: 2.89%
  • Referral: 2.04%
  • Paid search: 1.96%
  • Direct: 1.65%
  • Organic: 1.45%
  • Social Media: 1.22%


Jan Hirabayashi founded BroadBased in 1996 and is the company's CEO and lead marketing strategist.