BroadBased is Celebrating 20 Years

January 21, 2016


To borrow a famous advertising slogan, “we’ve come a long way, baby.”

In 1996, in a bungalow shared with Jacksonville Woman Magazine in the San Marco area of Jacksonville, CEO Jan Hirabayashi launched BroadBased Communications. Trading magazine design services for office space, she literally worked on a kitchen table. Her company didn’t even have a name, but that changed when Hirabayashi learned that her office mate had considered, but passed up, the name BroadBased Communications for her publishing company. Hirabayashi thought the name was a perfect fit for her fledgling business, instilling a sense of confidence and breadth of service. She still takes pride in being the first “broad” at BroadBased!

Two decades later, BroadBased has grown into the company that its name portended — and the evolution continues. Last year, the BroadBased team began strategizing how to position the agency for 2016 and beyond. The industry and marketing tactics have changed — A LOT. But while skill sets and tools have evolved, a solid strategy and coordinated execution are more important than ever. BroadBased is proud to have successfully bridged the digital divide and added significant expertise in new marketing technology and tactics, which we successfully put to work for our clients.

Yep, BroadBased has come a long way from the kitchen table. Our entire team wishes to thank you, our clients, partners and friends, for your trust and partnership as we have grown together. As we embark on the next 20 years and continue refining our vision (including a new website for ourselves, launching soon!), we’re beyond excited to be working in this new generation, helping clients reach business goals using today’s new marketing perspectives, applied with experience.


Jan Hirabayashi founded BroadBased in 1996 and is the company's CEO and lead marketing strategist.