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Sharpen your competitive edge with marketing automation.

The value of marketing automation technology is exploding. Once reserved for email marketing campaigns, software is now being used to generate leads, track campaigns and create intelligent email workflows based on user interest and behavior. Despite the effectiveness of automation technology, a recent industry survey found that nearly 40 percent of marketers still don’t use marketing automation. That means there’s a huge opportunity for companies to gain a competitive edge over late adopters.

BroadBased can help you do just that. Integrating our automated marketing software with your website will enable you to capture prospects, track individual visitor activities, automate the sales/marketing workflow, and even assign identities to visitors so you know exactly who is interested in your product or service — including competitors.

There’s still time to get ahead of the marketing automation curve, so give us a call and we’ll show you what it’s all about. You can also watch the video below to see just how easy, affordable and effective marketing automation campaigns can be.

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Our Process

  • Research and select the appropriate marketing automation software based on client needs.
  • Develop a content marketing strategy that defines optimal types of content and delivery methods.
  • Identify various customer personas based on target audience and match content specifically to each unique persona.
  • Craft the email campaign with custom-designed email templates and landing pages.
  • Conduct training on functionality and ongoing use of the software tool.
  • Launch and monitor the campaign’s performance and report analytics on a standing basis.

Case Study

Jacksonville University

The Challenge:

After employing a marketing automation tool specifically designed for higher education, Jacksonville University turned to BroadBased, its long-time marketing partner, to refine its approach and maximize results. In addition to increasing student enrollment, JU wanted to decrease the number of students who opt not to enroll after paying their deposit, an admissions challenge known as melt.

The Solution:

BroadBased performed a comprehensive audit of the tool’s capabilities, analytics and available assets. From there, the copywriting and imagery was polished for each step of the automated email campaign to drive response rate and conversions.

The Result:

Enrollment goals were not only met but exceeded, and melt was significantly reduced through a custom campaign aimed at keeping value-rich, dynamic content in front of accepted students and their parents.


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