Communications Firm Helps Propel University of North Florida Capital Campaign

January 1, 2001

BroadBased Communications, Inc. was awarded the coveted University of North Florida capital campaign account in mid-2000. Within a few months, UNF launched its “Access to Excellence” campaign armed with a comprehensive promotional brochure and adjunct materials.

Competition for the account came from other local and regional advertising and public relations firms, but representatives of UNF ultimately chose BroadBased for the school’s first-ever capital campaign. Communication experts at both UNF and BroadBased collaborated closely to produce the informational materials. The school has witnessed a positive first response to its three-year effort to raise $65 million, all for expansion in scholarships, programs, faculty and equipment.

“We are very gratified that UNF has had this success; they’re doing a wonderful job,” said Jan Korb, president and founder of BroadBased Communications. “This was a joint effort built around a solid communications plan – that’s the way we like to work. UNF has much to offer the entire Northeast Florida community, and we’re proud to be associated with the school.

“In a statement concerning the university’s choice of BroadBased Communications, UNF’s Vice President for Institutional Advancement Pierre Allaire said, “The service and attention to detail of their work was superb. One of the main factors in selecting BroadBased Communications was not only price but the quality of the publications they had done for other clients.”




Jan Hirabayashi founded BroadBased in 1996 and is the company's CEO and lead marketing strategist.