BroadBased Spins Web Results for Wide Range of Clients

May 1, 2007

Remember when a Web site was a marketing novelty? It seems like ancient history, because now an effective online presence is essential. In addition to providing customers with quick and easy access to information and services, a Web site, in many cases, is the first “face” a prospective customer or client sees. So it had better be flattering!

“Whether you’re making your first splash in Web-based marketing or redesigning an existing site, you should take as much pride in your Web presence as you do in every aspect of your company,” says Jan Korb, president of BroadBased Communications. “An effective Web site should have the impact of a sophisticated office lobby or welcoming store front. It should be clean, attractive and inviting—and guests should have an easy time finding their way around.”

BroadBased has been applying that philosophy to Web sites it has designed for a growing number of clients. The e-commerce needs of each client are different, and each site has a customized array of features. But attention to detail and marketing design principles are common elements in each design.

Mac Papers

Mac Papers

The leading supplier of fine printing papers and envelopes in the Southeast, Mac Papers was among the first paper companies to introduce online ordering and other e-commerce capabilities. But as its site grew, so did the complexity.

BroadBased helped Mac Papers launch a redesigned Web site to accommodate its customers’ need for speed, capability and ease of use. The site combines capability-rich electronic commerce tools with an attractive, simple design that maximizes navigational ease between site features.

Customers can place orders for paper and printing supplies, check up-to-the-minute inventory availability, access the pricebook and verify pricing. They can also order printing project dummies, shop for office supplies and use an interactive map to locate and contact the company’s 22 branch locations.


MetroSenses is a unique new publication designed specifically to help First Coast food service establishments increase visibility and generate more customer traffic through cost-effective advertising. And because appearance is everything in the magazine business, the publication needed a first-class Web site to impress advertisers.

With a bold color scheme and white-on-black body text, the pages virtually jump off the screen. The navigation is simple, direct and intuitive, allowing advertisers to have their most important questions answered with just a couple of clicks.

The McCormick Agency

As a full-service public relations agency specializing in media, community and public relations, special events, and corporate imaging, The McCormick Agency believes that its clients’ reputation and image are their most important assets. So conveying its own reputation and image on its Web site was paramount.

BroadBased designed a site with attractive photography, clean type faces and a straightforward navigation bar that permits quick access to the company’s key players, major clients and impressive portfolio.

Ethan Long Studio

Ethan Long is a Florida-based artist whose distinctively fun and engaging illustrations have appeared everywhere from corporate publications and magazines to children’s books. Ethan loves the range of outlets he has cultivated for his art, but the variety also created a marketing dilemma: how to convey two very distinctive markets — commercial illustration and children’s books — in a single Web site.

BroadBased addressed the challenge by splitting the site into two parts. From an opening navigation page, visitors can choose two distinctly different directions. One path is “for illustration buyers” and the other is “for children’s entertainment lovers.” Both sites capture Ethan’s love of communication through art, yet they focus the messaging to address the interests of their target audiences.

“Every Web site has a unique look and functionality based on many factors,” Korb says. “Those factors range from an organization’s mission and goals to its maturity and budget. BroadBased has experience working with clients whose needs span the spectrum, and we’re eager to talk with new Web clients about their special challenges.”


Jan Hirabayashi founded BroadBased in 1996 and is the company's CEO and lead marketing strategist.