Survey Says…

January 1, 2008

We thank all the respondents of the 2007 BroadBased Customer Survey. With over 55% of you responding across a variety of industries, these surveys provide us with important feedback that we use to adapt our services to best fit your needs. All respondents will receive this groovy action-packed Glow-In-The-Dark Activity Book and a complimentary subscription to 904, Jacksonville’s newest business magazine.

Some of the highlights of the survey include:

  1. Print development budgets (Brochures) continue to decline for the fourth straight year as clients reallocate budgets with an eye toward integrating Web
    and other e-solutions. Likewise, printing and mailing budgets are also projected to decline.
  2. Marketing consulting and marketing planning is on the increase, probably as a result of learning to navigate the new waters of e-solutions.
  3. Search Engine Optimization budgets are being established for the first time. (More about SEO below.)
  4. Nearly 25% of respondents plan to use Public Relations in their marketing mix.
  5. Twenty-eight percent of respondents plan to increase marketing budgets, with 44% of budgets remaining the same. Eleven percent plan to reduce marketing budgets and a full 22% do not have budgets allocated to marketing needs, which are addressed ad hoc.


Jan Hirabayashi founded BroadBased in 1996 and is the company's CEO and lead marketing strategist.