Benchmark Effectiveness With A Communications Audit

July 1, 2009

In this period of shifting markets and changing tastes, it may be time to audit your marketing tools and processes.

A strategic communications audit is an assessment of a company’s marketing communications materials and practices. It is an invaluable tool in determining if marketing materials embrace current corporate branding and key messages, or if the materials could benefit from a “refreshing.”

BroadBased performs audits at the beginning of a client relationship and at points midstream when business shifts become evident,” said CEO Jan Korb. “We do this to ensure that marketing communications materials are correctly targeting prospective customers and internal and external audiences. This is especially important now, as many businesses are finding that their markets have changed direction and they need to adjust accordingly.”

During an audit, visual branding and key message consistency are evaluated across all forms of communication including print, electronic and public outreach. Included in a review is the efficacy of internal communications and whether external communications are truly reflecting the client’s brand and key messages. Most of all, we assess whether the materials are working to support the bottom line.

“An audit, large or small, provides an overview of where an organization stands in terms of marketing and communication performance,“ said Korb. “Audits will identify areas — either internal or external — that would benefit from strengthened messaging and branding consistency.”

Our clients have reported that they find the recommendations from an audit very helpful in their marketing decision-making. Sometimes it means just minor changes. For others, it’s the start of a whole new journey.


Jan Hirabayashi founded BroadBased in 1996 and is the company's CEO and lead marketing strategist.