Facebook cover videos put your brand on the move

One of Facebook’s most-recent updates gives businesses the ability to grab users’ attention much more effectively. The update allows you to replace your static Facebook cover image with a video that begins playing immediately when someone opens your page on a mobile or desktop device. Because video is much more effective at attracting eyeballs than a still image, this makes the new cover video the perfect place to highlight your business’s products or services.

To use Facebook videos effectively, you’ll need to keep a couple of things in mind. Cover videos play automatically, but there isn’t any sound until the user clicks the video. So it’s important that your video tells your story without relying on sound, either through strong imagery or text.

Creating a great cover video can be as simple as creating a photo carousel, enhancing a still image or, if you advertise on television, running one of your current ads.

Here are three examples of different types of Facebook cover videos:

The Photo Carousel

The Animated Video

The Commercial

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