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Jacksonville University (JU) needed to set themselves apart on the highly competitive landscape of higher education marketing. We worked hand-in-hand with their team to drive new student leads and shatter enrollment records. Here’s how.

JU_Digital_AutomationThe marketing automation tool JU had in place was designed specifically for the higher education industry. BroadBased audited the tool’s capabilities and developed a strategy to increase student applications, and also retain those students through the admissions process. Copywriting and email template design were tasks performed, as well as analytics and measurement.

JU_KinesiologyStandalone microsites were designed to capture the traffic from Facebook and Google ad campaigns. They feature a section for each of the advanced degrees available at the College and funnels prospects to either request more information or submit an application. This strategy, which completely blocks traffic leak, keeps prospective students focused solely on the advanced degree recruiting information.

To drive traffic and convert leads for their graduate degree programs, JU launched a Facebook advertising campaign targeted at specialized demographics. The ad creative featured split tests to determine which content performed best with the audience and the copy focused on the value provided by the advanced degree and the return on investment for the student.

All major metrics were tracked and shared with the JU team, and adjustments were made to boost performance.

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