Web Traffic Sleuthing Generates More Leads

February 24, 2014

So you’ve got your digital campaign up and running and you’re delivering plenty of new traffic to your website. But are you squeezing full value from your investment? Let’s assume you’ve set up the campaign the right way, with digital advertising driving traffic to a custom landing page where you track campaign results. And maybe you’ve included a conversion tactic to encourage visitors to part with their personal information. But what about the traffic that doesn’t convert on the landing page and continues on to your website anyway? Who are they? BroadBased offers automated marketing solutions that integrate very well in the B2B realm.

When the code is attached to your website, BroadBased’s marketing automation software can often identify the specific company domains of visitors who have shown an interest in your products and services. Once leads are generated, you can handle them in a variety of ways, including converting them to a prospect, adding them to a lead-nurturing campaign, or setting up triggers to auto-generate emails. Broadbased can even set up triggers to notify your sales team of the lead so they can follow up with a good old-fashioned sales call.

To really put your website to work for you and kick lead generation into a higher gear, call BroadBased CEO Jan Hirabayashi to talk about tactics.





Jan Hirabayashi founded BroadBased in 1996 and is the company's CEO and lead marketing strategist.