BroadBased taps global thought leadership at SMX digital marketing conference

November 27, 2017

The SMX East conference in New York is the center of the digital marketing technologies and strategies world. At this year’s SMX East in October, global thought leaders on subjects ranging from artificial intelligence to increased use of video shared their insights on the future of online marketing while the world’s leading providers of digital tools and strategies showcased their latest developments.

“SMX East is the world’s largest search engine marketing conference, where the best and brightest minds in the industry unveil their latest thinking on the direction of digital marketing,” says Chris Ramaglia, executive vice president at BroadBased, who attended the conference. “For BroadBased, the conference enables us to keep our clients ahead of the competition by helping them reach their target audiences and increase sales leads more effectively.”

One of the hottest topics at the conference, Ramaglia reports, was artificial intelligence (AI) and its ability to automate marketing campaigns based on data and analytics. Google unveiled its latest AI-based innovations, which can help marketers build search and social campaigns that rapidly analyze mountains of data pertaining to the words and images that convert the most leads, then automatically apply them to campaigns. For more on how Google is innovating with AI, check out this article on dynamic search ads.

With AI serving as the latest example of how technology is reshaping marketing, Scott Brinker, vice president of Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot, provided insight into how companies can better understand the new technology dependency and how to exploit it. He noted that companies now employ dozens of tools to create, launch and measure their digital marketing campaigns, and he shared a powerful infographic to drive home his point. Check it out here.

The final day of the conference featured presentations on video marketing and the increasing importance of the medium for companies of all types and sizes to reach their audiences. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, yet few companies are taking advantage of video advertising at or near the same rate as social or search ads. Noting the impact of shortened attention spans on video advertising, a presenter discussed how to increase the power of videos by merging their use with audience-targeting data.

“Our industry has never moved at a faster pace, and everything we learned at the conference has helped us align these cutting-edge strategies with our client goals,” Ramaglia says.

All the presentations from the conference are available here, and if you’d like to set up some time to talk with us about your company’s digital marketing as we head into 2018, get in touch here.

Chris Ramaglia

Chris Ramaglia


Chris Ramaglia leads our digital strategies at the agency. He has more than 17 years' experience with online lead generation, holds nine digital marketing certifications, and has a borderline obsession with helping our clients smash their new business goals.