CSX Transportation Reports Strong Response to Marketing Efforts

February 1, 2002

A marketing campaign designed by BroadBased Communications, Inc. is paying off handsomely for customer CSX Transportation.

Partners For Growth (PFG) was created to bring new business to CSX Transportation. The 2001/2002 phase targeted customers of the building products sales division. Goals were to add new customers to the railroad’s roster, help old customers to expand their business reach, and add new locations where customers could interchange their products with the railroad. As a result of the campaign, launched in late 2001, the CSXT marketing managers report an 11 percent response rate to the mail campaign. They are pursuing dozens of sales leads, and two deals have already closed in a sales cycle that generally spans six to 18 months. CSXT will see millions of dollars in revenue as a result.

The project was the second PFG campaign handled by BroadBased; in 2000 it also garnered a strong showing for the company’s paper products division. In the most recent campaign, BroadBased Communications worked closely with the client to develop a program icon and brand name for the project; create sales support materials including a direct mail piece, brochure and CD-ROM; and coordinate direct mail fulfillment and tracking.

“These initiatives help us proactively grab growth by creating a demand for our services,” said David Hemphill, CSXT’s assistant vice president – industrial and economic development. “At the same time we are helping companies find the most efficient means of transportation to improve their bottom lines.”




Jan Hirabayashi founded BroadBased in 1996 and is the company's CEO and lead marketing strategist.