Have you seen Facebook's new canvas ads?

October 31, 2016

facebook-canvas-bannerSocial media marketing continues to increase year after year and Facebook continues to lead that charge by controlling 18% of the market share. As Facebook dominates the social media marketing game, they have introduced a new type of mobile ad experience, Canvas ads.

Capitalizing on mobile advertising’s growth over desktop, Canvas ads allow advertisers to create an immersive mobile ad experience. “Unlike traditional Facebook ads where the user has to wait for the mobile website to load after clicking, the Canvas ad opens a full-screen, rich media experience in less than a second and allows the advertiser to include interactive elements, such as animations, carousels, tilt-to-view images, and videos,” says Alexandra Morrison, digital marketing manager at BroadBased.

The immersive nature of the Canvas ads has already shown to be more effective than traditional ads. 53% of users that open a Canvas view at least half of it, and the average view time is around 31 seconds, which even out performs video which has been the biggest trend in online advertising.

Alexandra Morrison

Alexandra Morrison

Digital Marketing Strategist

Alexandra Morrison is the Digital Marketing Strategist at BroadBased and provides strategy and support for a wide range of projects including paid social, e-blasts, digital advertising, website production, marketing automation and more.