BroadBased: 2019 Digital Marketing Survey Results

March 26, 2019

A surge in email marketing success, improved goal achievement and big plans to increase marketing budgets are some of the key findings from the 2nd Annual BroadBased Digital Marketing Survey.

Small business owners, marketers and executives who responded to our survey provided valuable insights into what’s working, what’s not and where they’re taking their digital strategies in 2019. Some of the trends we observed last year continued, while new ones emerged as companies continue to optimize their tactics, strategies and digital marketing budgets.

In addition to offering a snapshot of the current landscape, the 2019 survey provides a second year of data that deepens our understanding of longer-term trends in digital marketing. Our goal in sharing these results is to help marketing professionals know what strategies are succeeding at other organizations, so they can confidently shape their direction for the year ahead. Here’s what we found:


Chris Ramaglia

Chris Ramaglia

EVP and Partner

Chris Ramaglia leads our digital strategies at the agency. He has more than 17 years' experience with online lead generation, holds nine digital marketing certifications, and has a borderline obsession with helping our clients smash their new business goals.